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  1. amsoil21

    need help finding graphics

    I have a 2001 400EXC so I know the problem you are having. Type in ridegear on yahoo and click on the website. It is where I got my graphics. Also if you know where I can get any front fender graphics, let me know.
  2. amsoil21

    Dumb 2-stroke question

    Amsoil's website shows an oil test using many different brands of 2-stroke oil. Amsoil Dominator and Motul were the 2 best performing oils. Castrol was near the bottom in almost all catagories. Amsoil recommends 50:1 but we have found it best at 45:1 or 47:1.
  3. amsoil21

    400 EXC Motocross Class

    Was just wondering what class I would be placed in if I were to ride my 400 in a motocross(125,250,open)? Thanks!!