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    Your big "WAD UP" will come (wreck)

    Sorry to hear about Both wrists. I did almost the same thing only on a tripple. I was nailing the jump for two hours, I decided to do three more laps to "cool down". Well, you become complacent, the jump doesn't seem to pose a threat anymore, I hit it and cased. The middle of the frame landed directly on peak of the landing. Couldn't even use one inch of suspension. I was about 20' high. I didn't "wad up", I actually thought I was okay. When I went to push the bike over the peak I felt preassure. I looked down at my arm and realized both arm bones were poking out of my palm. Well, a six inch plate, Bone graph from my hip, 12 screws, nerve damage, anther surgery comming, It's been 7 weeks. I still need a couple of pain killers a day. Being 35, I still can't wait to ride, but I really can't wait for the next surgery to help fix the nerves. I hope your recovery is speedy.....and mine.