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  1. lman31

    Honda TRX450r bars

    What are the sweep, width, and hight of stock bars. I plan to replace the stockers but don't know what bend to buy. I know its a preference but I need a benchmark. I am thinking about some 116mm high Fasst Flexx bars, but still pondering the sweep and width.
  2. lman31

    trx450 r 2008 engine knocking

    It depends what you consider a "knock." All the 450s (Honda,Yamaha,Suzuki) I have heard make a sound some people would call a knock.
  3. lman31

    Fork Spring Install

    Doh! My instructions neglected to mention to push down on the cap.
  4. lman31

    Fork Spring Install

    I am trying to change the fork springs on my drz110. Is there a trick to removing the ring holding the metal cap in the tubes? I broke my small screwdriver trying to remove it.
  5. lman31

    450r frame

    I won an ebay auction today for an 06 frame. I guess I'll do the switch when the weather isn't so great for rideing.
  6. lman31

    Honda 450r frame

    I have an 06 trx450er that hit a tree. I replaced the A-arms and straightened the frame the best I could. It's rideable but I want to eventually replace the frame. Are there any differences in the frames of 04/05 and 06s. I know the subframes are a little different but mine is fine.