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  1. I ride offroad and love the pillow tops.i dont think they last as long as other grips but worth the trade.
  2. No,take the money and put it towards suspension or something else thats worth it.
  3. That trail looks like it sucks.
  4. Cant watch it says its blocked
  5. Did you make the cut off for the nite loop?
  6. You can keep the bottom clamp tight so it will hold the fork.When you put it back on just barley snug it up as you know the clamp will keep it tight.Dont feel bad i have done the same thing.
  7. Its allmost an 8 yr old bike and if you bought it used how did the previous owner treat it.
  8. If you get on dirt tricks site they did have a diagram that shows what his tension does compared to the oem.His tensioner is a few mm's longer in turn it holds the cam chain tighter and prevents chain slap. They (including me) had problems with the auto decompresion on the cam shaft.Now some of the later model 09's had the up grade.I know on ktmtalk and mabye this site has a picture to tell the difference between old de comp and up graded one.
  9. Do a search on ktmtalk,alot of info on there alot better site too.
  10. Yes its a big problem.Every ktm i have ever bought the first thing i do is locktite it.I know a guy that picked up a new 300 and lost the kickstarter on his way home.
  11. I hope you remrembered how you did it because it wont be the last.I have had 3 ktms and they all did it.It seems it leaks worse with some sprockets than others.I have been told the thickness makes a difference i guess it holds more pressure on the spacer.It also helps keep the chain oiled.
  12. That looks like some good trail
  13. My 08 450 does the same thing.I have a dirt tricks tensioner and adjusted the valves.It does not use oil or not getting worse so,let her go till she blowes.
  14. Your rite push the buttons or spin the front tire,should not start with just the motor.