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  1. redrider887

    Durhamtown 6/8 - 6/10

    when are you going in July? lemme know, i may try to meet you... i assume you are bringing the fam?
  2. redrider887

    D-Town in Oct

    alright, we (ky & fla) are beginning to look at some dates for a fall durhamtown ride, like we had last october. early in the month is probably better for me, so everybody start checking your schedules, and lets get it together!
  3. redrider887

    YZ250 Woods Setup

    there's nothing like a bike set up right for the woods... they just feel magic great topic fellas!
  4. redrider887

    New 2007 yz250 or 4 stroke?

    around here, in woods riding application, namely hare scrambles, a stock tank will take you roughly 40-45 miles, depending on how much of the course is fast, slow, etc... or somewhere around 2-2 1/2hrs. of ride time~
  5. redrider887


    yea, sick of the weather here, too... we rode two weekends ago, and it was 17, with wind chill of 4... we put a radiant kerosene heater in my enclosed trailer to hide in between laps... not bad in the woods, but damn cold still... Oh yea, C-12 mixed with just about anything smells super... I used to run Klotz, and we even have a saying around here, "I'm gonna blow Klotz on the resta you fellas"... substituting for clods... Now I run Yamalube and Monster110 at 32:1
  6. redrider887

    06 YZ250- 3 brand pipe shootout by me.

    yea, and you know, since they quit running the 2 stroke in the moto and supercross series, it is my personal opinion that the technology and focus has been for the GNCC bikes... woods, and trails my friends, THAT is where this bike is at home... not that it can't moto, it can do both, but it is truly a potent woods weapon, even in stock trim~
  7. redrider887

    D-Town in Oct

    he said spirited, uhuh! (said like beavis)
  8. redrider887


    southern woods rider puts it on
  9. redrider887

    Resistor plug?

    i have an 07 yz250, which i've installed a ProCircuit pipe and silencer... and used their jetting recommendations, which is one jet leaner on both the pilot and the main... and man, the thing runs great, plug color is great, doesn't seem to lean, or rich... almost perfect... except, i have noticed, only a couple of times, nonetheless noticed, at the very, very end of the powerband, only in top gear so far, a slight cutting out and hesitation, like it's too lean,... except its not. i have a buddy in Tx that had the same prob with an 06, and changed both the plug to a regular B8es, and also cut a little of the plug wire itself back, essentially making a new connection for the plug boot... and it supposedly fixed the problem, but i wondered if anybody else has heard of, or experienced this out of their bike... i got off 4 strokes after several years, but do remember not liking resistor plugs on the late nineties 2 smokes i had
  10. redrider887

    YZ250 Woods Setup

    whoops, apparently the website doesn't allow sites to show that are not part of their sponsored partners... so... it is atekracing. com
  11. redrider887

    YZ250 Woods Setup

    i use ims tanks, and have had nothing but good experience... they fit well, and bolt up good. as for suspension setup, you can get somewhere in the neighborhood with the stock clickers, and sag. a good website for additional info on wood setup http://www.***************/page/page/3934957.htm just copy and paste in your browser... he is our local guy, and does mostly woods... rally guards or bark busters are almost mandatory for woods ridin, and skid plates don't hurt, and i put Scotts Steering dampers on all my bikes, they're almost like cheatin... and get rid of those junky stock tires and get yourself some good soft to intermediate treads... like Pirreli or Michelin, or the Kenda Millville believe it or not... let a little air out of your tires from the motocross track... down to around 9 or 10 lbs... and it's not a bad idea to go ahead and put heavy duty tubes in the bike, while your changing tires... and most of all... remember, "sometimes to go faster, you must ride slowly"
  12. redrider887

    New 2007 yz250 or 4 stroke?

    i say get both~ i've got a CRF450, which i like, and has all the benefits everyone has already mentioned, and also the down-sides everybody talks about... it is a better machine for open trails, or sand, or faster stuff, but not so much technical,... it is a beast... the yz 250, however, is to me, like a formula 1 machine, very precise and nimble, great in the tech stuff, but it will not power through the field sections like the 450, it will pick the big bike apart in the woods... requires a little more aggression to make it pop, but doesn't tire me out as much
  13. redrider887

    06 YZ250- 3 brand pipe shootout by me.

    well i have been ridin/racin the big 450's for three years now, and i just got a new 07 yz250, and really enjoy the thing... the light weight, killer suspension stock, and of course the motor... i kept the last 450, but haven't ridden it since i got the new ring-ding
  14. redrider887


    Anybody heard anything about TN2Day this year? Last year was one of the funnest rides I've had, and I've ridden Texas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, many, many places, and would definitely recommend this one... typically held in June, but the SWR website doesn't have any info yet, and I'm trying to coordinate with riders from several states...
  15. redrider887

    Kentucky Harescramble Schedule

    I've been runnin the mid-south series, but have thought about trying a few of the Ky races... i like what i am reading on this thread... seems like mid-south is getting a little lazy/greedy... it used to be all about the ride and the track, now it seems to be all about the $... which changes the whole atmosphere surrounding it...