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  1. rathbone

    This must blow!

    The motor didn't blow that was a air line blowing. Sounded like a compressor line to run the dyno machine. I've work with many dyno shops and that was not a motor blowing up! Trust me if it was that guy would have shitted himself sitting next to the car.
  2. I'll be down in Fort Mill, SC for the days above. Bring my bike to leave at my house in Fort Mill. So give me a call if anybody wants to go riding trail, mx anything!! 609.471.6986. I don't have interet at the new house yet so I can't check the post. Willing to travel max 1.5 hrs away. Hope to hear from somebody. Andrew Rathbone
  3. rathbone

    Wayehutta Tues 5/15

    I didn't realize it was almost a 3 hr drive one way. Not willing to travel that far to go riding. Got to many other things to due this week. If it was max 1hr away would be no problem. Next time lets find a local place
  4. rathbone

    Wayehutta Tues 5/15

    How far is it from Charlotte? Just to give me a ball park figure
  5. rathbone

    Wayehutta Tues 5/15

    Sounds good. I just need a link to there site so I can print up directions before I take my 9 hr drive to SC on Sunday.
  6. rathbone

    Wanna go riding any day from 5/15-16-or 17th

    Don't want to travel to far. How about that Carolina Adventure World. Is that close, any of you been there? Still open to ride anyplace, but again not to far. Let's go
  7. rathbone

    Wanna go riding any day from 5/15-16-or 17th

    Anybody else want to join this week day ride?
  8. rathbone

    Wanna go riding any day from 5/15-16-or 17th

    South Jersey is 75% sugar sand. Compared to beach sand I can say. Both sound great. Alot cheaper then the local park around here. I went the other weekend and it was 50 bucks for the day. Where in Charlotte are you located? I'm right over the border into SC 5 miles about. The 15th works for me. I'll be bring the CR down this time and leaving it then in June I'll be bringing the DRZ. When it's the final move down.
  9. rathbone

    Wanna go riding any day from 5/15-16-or 17th

    I'm open to any of those places.
  10. Well I'm coming down to my house in Fort Mill, SC to move a few things in. And to install a few recessed lights and things. I'll be bringing down the CR and looking to go riding some time that week. Any takers? I'm open since the kids and wife will be staying here in NJ.
  11. rathbone

    Got a speeding ticket in NC and ????

    Thanks for the replies but since I'm 500 miles away I just sent the $125 in. Less of a headache for me now. And if the insurance gets wind of the ticket I'll find out more about those driving Courses to drop the points. Thanks again
  12. rathbone

    Got a speeding ticket in NC and ????

    I tried to say my youngest Nathan (13 months old) had a soiled diaper but didn't seem to work. And not getting a ticket in the past 5 years either didn't help. I guess he was having a bad day. Actually he did say I was doing 82 in a 65 but wrote it up as 72 in a 65. So he did help me out there. You think having out of state (NJ) tags he figured I was a out of towner and would not fight the ticket. Either way I'm hoping from transfering from NJ to SC tags and insurance it will get lost in the system in ywo months. I just paid the fine. And the funny thing was he said "stay below 80 mph and you'll be fine"
  13. Well the other weekend coming back from my house in SC I got a speeding ticket in NC. And since then almost daily I'm receiving letters from all these law firms about using them to lower the ticket. Is this normal thing or just a way to make money of me? I was going 72 in a 65. Total fine is $125. Why should I get a lawyer since the fine is very minimal? Thanks
  14. I'm looking to go riding to an old place i used to go a few years ago. But before I go just want to see how the area is, still there. How's the cops there. PM me if your a SJ rider and I'll pm you back the spot I'm talking about. Thanks
  15. rathbone

    New in Fort Mill SC

    Welcome I just purchaed a house in Fort Mill as well. Will be done there perm in June. Where in Fort Mill are you? I'm off rt 521. Legacy Park devolpment.