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  1. Called a few dealers and they say it will fit. it is not easy but they do it all the time. Guess I'll give it another honest effort again this weekend My kit came with the small C and J fuel hose (and aux parts) to make a clean connection. How do I remove the fuel line crimped onto the throttle body without damaging it?
  2. Spent the day trying to fish our 2017 350SX-F fuel pump into a new 2017 XC-F tank but could pull it down into position. Looks like the wires are long enough - got it close using thin wire but it just kept getting wedged. I see the XC-F fuel pump is a different model number so now I question if the SX-F fuel pump will even fit. If someone knows the answer to this please let me know. Thanks
  3. hcdmn

    18'YZ450 for woods

    my son rides a 450f in hare scrambles and it is very competitive. True it is a bit heavier than an XC but we don't put all the bling on like most others so if weighed at the line we would be close. Flywheel and detuned map work incredibly well and after some work we've got the suspension set up perfect. No need for a large tank because we can go right at 2 hours with the stock 2 gallon and we'd still need to fill up if we had the big one (3 hours). We are seriously considering the 18 but I think the smaller tank may be a deal breaker. I'm assuming we would get about 1 1/2 hours with it and that just won't work. We worked with IMS on the bigger tank when the 14's came out and it was a long slow process - and turned out we didn't even need it.
  4. you will not find a longer lasting and economical setup than a Rocky Mountain Primary Drive X-ring chain and Yamaha OEM sprockets. You'll get at least 40 hours out of this setup - more if you stay out of the mud. Us WD on the chain after every powerwash.
  5. so last weekend our 2016 YZ250F started backfire under acceleration and didn't want to idle well. Long story short found out the problem is the ignition (we swapped parts off our practice bike till we found the issue). So my question is, could the ignition have lost its presets and all I need to due is reprogram it, or is it completely failed and needs to be replaced. Not sure if I should spend the $250 on a new ignition or a tuner.
  6. so you are saying the o-ring (part number 25), even though shown on the microfishe to the INSIDE of the bearing (part number 11), actually installs over the countershaft from the OUTSIDE. It did not have one when we pulled this apart (but maybe that is why it was leaking). Need confirmation of this. Thanks
  7. Our 2015 250F is leaking oil out the countershaft so I purchased a new seal and collar but noticed that the fishe shows the shaft o-ring is on the INSIDE of the bearing - is this correct? When I took the seal and collar off our bike there is some oil leaking between the shaft and inner OD of the bearing. Do I need to split the cases to replace this $0.29 o-ring? Bearing looks good and the shaft is tight with no play other than a smidge in and out. On other bikes we have repaired this by changing the o-ring from the countershaft side (i.e. KTM).
  8. ok, more details. No we did not suck water (if it was that easy I wouldn't have posted here). So far this is what we have done to both bikes to no avail: removed gas tank, drained fuel and replaced cleaned/dielectric greased fuel pump electrical connections (wet and muddy) cleaned/greased condenser electrical connection (round thingy under the seat) wet and muddy cleaned/greased both rectifier electrical connections (finned thingy under left side radiator shroud) wet and muddy cleaned/greased kill switch connections (wet and muddy) cleaned greased programming unit connections (clean and dry) cleaned/greased ignition coil connection (was clean and dry) cleaned ignition connection (was clean and dry) bikes still idle but die when you give it any throttle (one of the bikes has only 5 hours on it fyi) heading into efi connections tomorrow (need the proper size allen socket I do not have an efi programming unit but was wondering if it would give me some kind of error code
  9. Kids were racing the local hare scramble when the skies opened up. Rained like crazy and the track didn't really get muddy but mostly splashy. They were speeding thru countless waterpuddles. After an hour both bikes died. We have everything all cleaned up but both bikes won't run past an idle. When we give the gas they both die out. Suggestions?
  10. hcdmn

    Sprocket Question

    If you have the 2002 Competition YZ250FP your stock sprockets are 13 /48 per the microfishe. Seems like a big difference. 2002 WR has the same.
  11. hcdmn

    Knee Brace options for large legs

    well it looks like me and my "corn fed" son are out of luck - by the time we get an appointment, convince a doc for a subscription, get sized up by the salesman, wait for the order to fulfill, and then get fit (let alone paying for these with Obamacare) the season will be over. Is the CTI or DonJoy that much better than Pod, Leatt, Asterisk?
  12. hcdmn

    Knee Brace options for large legs

    So are we saying none of the off the shelf knee braces will fit - and if they did they would be ineffective due to the amount of muscle on his thy bone?
  13. My son is 6'1" 205lbs Offroad racer and we are having trouble finding any knee braces that fit properly. He is not fat but just big boned in the vane of Steward Baylor Jr. Pods XL are too narrow, Alpinestars seemed flimsy so we sent those back as well. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. hcdmn

    2016 YZ250X

    I am very interested in this post since my son my be moving back to 2 stroke soon. It has been very annoying to skim thru all the gibberish by Mr.Bling about Beta prices, KX500's with electric start, and CRF's with spoke coats. Very rude and added absolutely zero value to what I was interested in (and what the post was titled) - info on the YZ250X.
  15. will the new 2015 WR silencer fit a YZ250F or is the subframe mounting or header dia different? Looking to really quiet the YZ down to practice at the house. Any other suggestions?