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  1. investigator

    xr400 Exhaust

    Now that I take a closer look at it, they put an aftermarket header on it when they put the white brothers r4 on it. I guess what I am looking for is a quieter aftermarket slip on muffler to replace the 4r . The pipe is 2" in diameter where the muffler slides on.
  2. investigator

    xr400 Exhaust

    I'm going to take my xr400 hunting. It has a white bro r4 exhaust and it's just too loud. I'm having a hard time finding a used stock muffler. Will mufflers off other bikes say like the crf 450 fit? Anyone have a used stock muffler or a quiet used aftermarket laying around for sale?
  3. investigator

    Good bike for 50 y/o dad

    I'm 50 and just started to ride again after a 30 year hiatus. I got an xr 400 and it's just right for me. I had it over to buttercup near yuma yesterday and I was keeping up with the kids on the dunes.
  4. investigator

    250 vs. 400 handling

    I have both. Both have gordon's mods and aftermarket pipe. I have been experimenting in sand, small dunes etc. The 250 is much easier to handle in the sand, however, when you need the power its nice to have the 400.
  5. investigator

    Tire Size

    Anyone know if a 120/100/18 Maxxis IT will fit on an xr4 without rubbing on the exhaust or anywhere else? Thanks
  6. investigator

    Easy Bike Stand

    I had been using automotive jack stands to put my bikes (xr 250 and 400) up on but at times they were not that steady so I decided to get a bike stand. I found one that I liked for a good price ($47.00) but when I went to buy it they were out so I made my own. Here is how. We have a large family so my wife buys laundry detergent in the big white plastic buckets. I took the lid off one and using four 2" dry wall screws through the reinfoced ring around the outside of the lid from the inside I attached two 12" x 14" pieces of 3/4 inch plywood to the lid. I then put the lid on the bucket and it works great.
  7. investigator

    Brake Light Modification

    I got it to work. I then did my xr4 in just about one hour. Much easier the second time. A word of advise, don't try to solder the new lead into the socket without disasembling the socket. Thats the only place where the instructions could have been clearer. Thanks for those who offered assistance.
  8. investigator

    Brake Light Modification

    I found out what was wrong. When I twisted the bulb in it broke off the new solder and the metal contact inside the light socket. The metal contact fell on the floor and I cant find it. Any ideas on what to use for a contact inside the socket?
  9. investigator

    Brake Light Modification

    I followed the instructions listed in this forum for adding a brake light on my 98 xr 250. The link to the istruction is this: http://www.freewebs.com/hairyscary/XR400_FAQ.txt towards the end. Everthing went well except I don't have a brake light. I reversed the leads on the tail light assembly so that it toggles the ground and not the hot wire. I tested the brake line switch with the ohm meter and it works. The tail light works when I fire it up but when I push the brake nothing happens. Any ideas? I'm not a genius with electrical stuff
  10. investigator

    Xr400 California Model

    What is a smog block off kit?
  11. investigator

    Xr400 California Model

    I am thinking about buying a 2004 xr400 that was originally from California. Does anyone know if the California models have a different carberator? Or do they just have different jetting? How hard is it to upgade to a 49 state?