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  1. gundamnitpete

    wanted- xr100 in Michigan-ttr125

    i have a 1990 XR100 painted flat black, bored to 115cc, with race cam and large carb. street tires front and rear. where in michigan are you located? pics: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y3/gundamms07b/100_0650.jpg make me an offer.
  2. thanks for all the replies. i'll be 17 on oct 7th.
  3. gundamnitpete

    Supermoto tires...

    a buell blast tire, or ninja 250 tire, will fit on the rear. that's good cause you can order, say, a preilli for one of them, and it will fit on an XR100's stock rear rim (16 inch) i got a cheng shin on my front, but ti works rather well and grips like crazy.
  4. thanks for all the comments. lol, and yeah my 12 bar is real short.
  5. just having fun on my XR100....tell me what you think....
  6. gundamnitpete

    Jump Starting

    for the hundo i just put it in 2nd, run with the bike as FAST as i can, then plop onto the seat HARD, at the same time let out the clutch. if i don't plop down the tire just locks up haha
  7. gundamnitpete

    where to get jets? and how large to go?

    thank you, that's what i was hoping to hear. the pilot jet does the low RPM's right? i'd like a nice strong pull on idle...accautly a real strong pull on idle, think the 38 pilot will gimme that?
  8. alright so i got a 1990 XR100, with a TB 115 kit and race cam. i'm looking for a lil more power, i opened up the airbox a lil bit with some holes on the top of the cover, but i know i need new jetting to get the best gains. what size jet (or jets) should i get? and what's stock? i'm guessing i should order 4 sizes above, and 4 sizes below stock?? and where do you recomend i get them? (from a stealership?) thanks for any input.
  9. gundamnitpete

    best way to pop a whelley

    first learn to spell wheelie. then, start slow, with small hops. in 2nd, give it a lil gas and dump the clutch...the front will hop up a lil bit. get to the point where you can hold the gas on, and the wheelie will stay up for a few feet, but you'll be accelerating. once you get good enough, you can get to "balance point", or the point at which your not accelerating in the wheelie, just at a set speed. for this, your gonna want to have "brake control" or, the ability to hit the rear brake if your going to fall backwards. the brake will bring the front down. once you get BP, and start slowing the wheelies down, the sky is the limit:
  10. gundamnitpete

    Rear brake

    yeaaaaah turbo glenn up in this biiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaa. sup meine?
  11. gundamnitpete

    Xr 100 gives up/

    check your choke.....
  12. gundamnitpete


    it's a fan....i doubt it'll make more than 1 psi of boost. IF that. i thought about turbocharging the hundo once.....get a high flow oil pump and run it directly to a K03 turbo, the exhaust would be pretty easy, not to many cuts to make it work, the intake could be made pretty straight forward too. the only think i think about is if the exhaust from the hundo will create enough pressure to spin the turbine up to speed, so it can create even a small amount of usable boost. it'd be a fun project, maybe one day when i get another bike to do my tricks on (wheeleing a bike with a turbo would be HARD).
  13. hey, i've got a trail bikes 115cc big bore kit with a race cam in my 1990 XR100. i'll be ordering a larger carb for it (24mm if i remember correctly) for it soon, and since the stock airbox won't fit i'll be using a pod filter. my elevation is 700 feet above sea level. what size jets should i use in the carb?? thanks for any help.