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  1. The TXC is a really good all round bike. I use mine for motocross, endurocross and some single track. Having little maintenance on a four stroke is wishful thinking if you are used to a two stroke. If you are serious about converting it to a snow bike you should look at the 510. I had an 06 KTM 450XC prior to this one. The difference is night and day. The Husky out corners my old KTM as well as the suspension is much better. the old KTM engine was bullet proof and from what I have heard the Husky is the same. Your biggest problem would be to find a dealer in Canada that could support your Husky. Ever since BMW bought Husky they have turned their back on Canada.
  2. I second that on the H1R 2.
  3. Great video Troy. Next time we should try some single track at M.C.
  4. Any video of you trying to take that short cut:smirk:
  5. I don't have a damper on my 450 so I can answer any questions concerning that. Comparing the 2 stroke and four stroke is like apples and oranges. Handling in tight single track the 2 stroke reigns supreme. Light weight and less engine inertia. Once you get into open areas and for motocross the TXC shines. The TXC is much more stable at higher speeds. Power wise the TXC is a lazy man's bike. Just pick a gear and point. Unfortunately in tight single track it tends to wear you out. Where as with the WR I steer the bike with the back tire a lot (brake and throttle). That is where the 2 stroke power shines. All I can say is for MX and open riding my TXC is the pick but for single track it is WR all the way.
  6. I have a Scott's on my WR and it has saved me many times. You don't realize how good it works until you ride a bike without it.
  7. I am 6.2" and 190 lbs. I have a TXC450 and a WR250. Both bikes are great. For the tight single track, nothing beats the WR. The engine is amazing and being on the tall side the bike fits me. Last tiime I checked I have only 19 hrs on the TXC. The WR is my pick. Even on the motocross track the WR is alot of fun. Dave
  8. I have rode the crap out of mine this year... Endurocross / harescramble and cross country races. I put a 14 tooth c/s sprocket and a pwk carb on it and got LTR to revalve the suspension . The only issue I have had with it is the engine mounts loosened up on me. Nothing Loctight couldnt fix. I love this bike. I ride it more then my TXC 450. It's a blast even on the motocross track.
  9. I believe the race date has been changed from the 6th of Sept. to the 13th due to maintenance on the track. Dave
  10. Do you have the V Force part number for the reeds. Mine are shot as well.
  11. I am running : 38 pilot, 160 main and a JD red, second from bottom. I am racing at the 5000 - 7000 feet. I might switch back to the JD blue, second from top.
  12. I have a BRP sub mount and a Scott's dampner on my 08 wr250. Its the same as the 07.
  13. Thanks for the link. My blood pressure is returning to normal. :thumbsup: