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  1. So far I have changed out rev box, new air filter, and recently changed oil with R4 Super Bike. Thanks for the info. How do I go about rejetting? Thanks!!!
  2. I have tried and tried to search for the specs or diagrams or any tech info for my stock CRF50. These stupid search engines only get me to the sites that send them the most $$$ for sites that have nothing that I am looking for or need. I have got a stock CRF 50 that is a dog!!! I have got 9 other friends that have stock bikes and I just cannot seem to keep up. I do not have the owners manual for the bike or any literature on it. HELP PLEASE!!! We ride on the community paths and golf course paths so I dont want to make the bike too loud, how do I get more power? With out too much noise or $$$. Thanks!!!