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  1. TRACTR600R

    DT250A holed piston 1974

    Good advice, thank you. I'll be back on here to pick your brain some more if I find anything ugly. If nothing else this is a good exercise in seeing how the bike works, which is always a plus in my book. Thanks for the help.
  2. TRACTR600R

    DT250A holed piston 1974

    Right on guys, thanks for the advice, I'll get it honed, ordered the piston, rings, gaskets. I'll have to look at the manual, but do I have to break the case to replace the crank seals?
  3. TRACTR600R

    DT250A holed piston 1974

    Thanks for the advice yzetc, glad to hear the crank is sealed from the gearing, I was thinking that must be the case but wasn't sure if I should take preventative steps for the seals. I think my bore is in spec, I only have a dial caliper, not a bore gauge, but everything seems to be in round and since there are no grooves or pitting, I'm thinking I might be ok with just a standard piston and ring set and two new gaskets. I can see the benefit of having someone send me a matched up set of piston/head but the wife probably won't agree. So, do you think I'm setting myself up for failure by just installing a new piston and working on the carb issue? The boots to and from the carb look in good shape, the reed assembly looks good.
  4. TRACTR600R

    DT250A holed piston 1974

    Gurus of the forum please help?? This is my first 2stroke, yes the bike was born before I was but I already love her. I rescued her from the back of a garage, cleaned out the carb, tank, replaced a rotted petcock and thought I had her good to go. She ran a bit rough, then seemed to settle in ok w/a sputter above idle then found her voice above 1/4throttle. Running with the starter assist open(?) I could get a decent roll on through the rpms. I took her for a spin and got about ten miles out of her before I holed the piston. So... What next? I tore down the top end, cleaned all the aluminum bits out (there was a fair amount), drained the crankcase oil (no sign of debris). Crank turns perfect, no binding issues, I'm pulling flakes out off the crankshaft assembly every rotation. The cylinder looks ok to my untrained eye (never done this before), a couple of vertical lines visible, nothing I can feel. The rod play is within spec at the small end. I'm wondering 1. Should I just hone and replace the std piston and rings? 2. How deep should I tear down to get the debris out, can I flush the bottom end somehow? 3. The issue seems like it stemmed from a lean condition, I'm guessing the pilot was clogged or perhaps an air leak somewhere. Any help getting her to the right jetting would be appreciated.
  5. TRACTR600R

    backfiring like crazy

    ok, so now I'm running with a 152 main jet, I upped the pilot from a 68 (not 89) to a 72 and my clip is in the 5th position, all the way open, screw is all the way in (wierd). and the bike is not popping!!! cool. However, I've got another issue that probably was there the whole time but now I'm noticing it. the bike has a wierd rythm. it feels like every eighth or ninth revolution of the engine it bogs slightly. not enough to stop the engine, but enough that I feel it. I took the head apart a while back after the stock choke plate got sucked through the head (ouch- I got a new one from xr's only). everything actually looked ok but the cylinder head looks like it was hammered with a ball pean hammer by a guy on speed. the valves all seated ok, (looked like to my untrained eye) but maybe I messed up the valve adjustment? or maybe the new distressed head is doing it? does anybody have any advice on doing valve adjustments? THanks Rob
  6. TRACTR600R

    backfiring like crazy

    thanks, that makes sense... so I've dropped the needle clip to position 4, the air screw is turned all the way in and i'm still popping. It's a little better but I think I'll need to change the pilot jet. anybody know what size I need to go to? It's an 89 now. the main jet is a 152. I can drop the needle clip another position but I don't think thats going to be enough. any help to a newbie would be great. Also, I am going to be going down to sea level (from 6000+) next week... by getting the bike richer am I going to be worse off or better down there? Thanks again.
  7. hi, so I'm new to the site and new to jetting. I have a 97 xr 600r mostly stock except for the supertrapp pipe. I live at 6000 feet and the bike pops after i let off the throttle. I went down to 2000 feet and it became much worse. bike still runs fine but it needs some adjusting. thanks for any ideas.