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    Free Mods for 05 WR450F

    Thanks guys will have to check those options. Also in melbourne as well. Riding up in Kinglake/Mt Robinson, Toolangi (think that is how you spell it) Also sometimes go up to Echuca at the murray. And you guys?
  2. bmac-wr450F

    Free Mods for 05 WR450F

    Hi Guys, Yeah I know another Free mod question. Have just picked up this bike from a bike supplier (it was his own bike) in Australia. Have tried to talk to him about what has or hasn't been done to the bike with no luck. He said that all that is needed with these bikes is an exhaust to let it breath easier. All I am wanting is a list with pics of the free mods so that I can go over and check if they have been done on the bike already. Have searched the forums and noticed that there are lots of free mods, but nothing in one place. This also might help in future posts or searchs.... Thanks for all the help, Brad
  3. bmac-wr450F

    Clutch Usage

    Hey Guys, Couple of friends have had a dussions here about clutch usage. Some use the clutch and some dont use it at all (only using it for start/stopping). With wet clutches in bikes can you just back off on the throttle, click up and back onto the power? With down gears I know the revs need to be right before opening the throttle, but is this hurting the bike or gear box in any way??? Thanks, Brad