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  1. acerbis24

    A few ttr125 yz rear conversion updates

    I know, 3 years old, but i'm doing this mod right now and there is very little information on the results of the no weld conversion... Is it possible? Do you need to re-valve the rear shock? Any stress on the frame? Is that the YZ or TTR swingarm? when fitting the YZ 3 bolt linkage, the triangle one, has a big gap to fill on the TTR frame. Do we just make spacers or am I going down the wrong path? Thanks
  2. acerbis24


    Seems to me that there is a limited number of graphic options for our bikes, 450x. Does anyone know if a model year of the more popular 450r's graphics will fit on the 450x? Or maybe the crf250R? thanks
  3. acerbis24

    starter troubles

    well, the battery seemed fine when I bought it tuesday but I imagine these batterys don't last too long and the PO said it has been sitting a while so I suspect a bad battery. But to be more specific on the "sticking" issue. It seems like the starter would engauge but not have enough juice to fire her up, probably due to the battery. But when I kicked it, 5 seconds after the starter would not, it seemed like the starter was getting turned with the kickstarter. So in general I think when I kick my bike I am turning the electric starter as well. Like the starter extended, meshed with the gear to start the bike but did not return to its origional position. It almost seems like the starter is dirty and sticking in the extended position. I just bought this bike so i'm not sure about the jetting changes but the PO gave me a JD jet kit and said the 3000-6000' elevation is what the jetting currently is. I'm taking the battery to a shop today to have the battery tested. If it's bad then i'll get a new one. Any thoughts?
  4. acerbis24

    starter troubles

    I just bought a 05 450x and the starter seems to be sticking? First of all I think i need a new battery since it seems to be dead but after it died I tried kicking it and it seemed like the starter was still engauged? has anyone experienced this> thanks
  5. acerbis24


    Thanks, so if I turn the compression adjuster fully clockwise that is the stiffest my forks will be?
  6. acerbis24


    Is there a rebound adjustment for a klx 250's forks? thanks
  7. acerbis24

    Anyone near 138 and 2?

    about 2 miles away....
  8. acerbis24

    89 XR250R rear shock rebuild

    I think I just figured it out! The frame/bike is a '86 but I have a 90 something shock on there. either way the schrader valve is underneath a metal "cover". So it seems that I just have to get that off and then I can release the pressure. Sometimes I just have to hear the question in order to find the anwser. Thanks! http://oem.thumpertalk.com/images/Honda/1993/Motorcycles/3297_REAR%20SHOCK%20ABSORBER.gif
  9. acerbis24

    89 XR250R rear shock rebuild

    Where did my schrader valve go!? Well look at this, it the same as my shock. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=350234295491&viewitem=&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26its%3DI%26otn%3D2&category=34284 i remember reading somewhere that this shock might not be rebuildable? that would suck. I know there isn't a great view of the res but just imagine it being flat with three holes...
  10. acerbis24

    89 XR250R rear shock rebuild

    The 86 XR250 doesn't have a bleeder valve on the bottom of the res... Now what? I pulled the seal off and can reassemble but I would prefer a complete disassembly. any help is appreciated. Thanks
  11. acerbis24


    My magura clutch is not holding pressure like it use to. I bought my 500 with one of these hydraulic clutches and even from the first day was not completly satisfied with the engaugment. Anyone have any expierance with these? Maybe someone wants to trade me a asv perch and cable for this unit??
  12. new spark plug, is the spark plug wet after you have tried kicking for a while? How is the compression?
  13. acerbis24

    Best Grips.........................????????

    has anyone tried foam rally grips??
  14. I have a set of forks if you need a pair. They are off of my '96 440. I put some inverted ones on there and I do recomend that but if your're set on convential then here you go. pm me.
  15. acerbis24

    My Homebrew Lighting

    is there a link for re-winding your own stator?