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  1. duane5157

    New Bike

    Looking to get back into the ds ride. Im 6'4" 260. I had a klr I put 40k on but I dont like the looks of the new ones. I have read alot about the dr and Im pretty sure thats what im going to go with. Looked at cogent dynamics for the suspension. Any other things I need to do to ride the dr other than the seat. Any ideas is appreciated. Duane5157
  2. duane5157


    I've gone 68 miles on mine running mostly in third gear in florida sugar sand.Duane5157
  3. I rode one for over two years and im 6'4'' 270lbs . I put a bigger acerbis tank on it and rode it off road in sugar sand and on road up 80 mph. Drop one tooth on the front and just ride it. Yea some of the bigger bikes will pull away from you, but while they are filling up you can get miles and miles ahead. Remenber its about 85% rider not the bike. duane5157
  4. duane5157

    Aussy spec bike

    Do any of you riders in AUs have some serious milage on the bike seeing as it is street legal there. I am curious because im in the process of street legalizing mine. Duane5157
  5. duane5157

    Aussy spec bike

    Hi guys, can anybody tell me the difference in a Aus versus US bike. Other than lights and a horn. Duane5157
  6. duane5157

    Only Runs on choke

    Check the tiny o ring on the screw. if it has a cut or crack on it it will cause you problems. duane5157
  7. duane5157

    Carb jetting and adjustments

    For those people whose bike is difficult to start or to idle properly, check the little o ring that is under the idle screw. When I put an adjustable screw in I had a small crack in it and it caused me all sorts of trouble. This o ring is a kawasaki part, you just wont believe how small it is. Duane5157
  8. duane5157

    Anybody rig a front brake light switch...?

    Thats the one I used. Works like a champ.
  9. duane5157

    Carb jetting and adjustments

    I went with the 155 main and a 48 pilot, position three on the needle and the screw is out 2 1/4 turns. Bike fires up second kick every time. Im a sea level
  10. duane5157

    Anybody rig a front brake light switch...?

    Just buy a 20.00 dollar generic switch and mount, the wires will bend put some electrical tape on them to help protect. Up on the handlebar the switch is protected. duane5157
  11. duane5157

    R.i. Mass. Conn. Woods Riders.

    Im from New Jersey and I would love to get together for a camping weekend. I ride a plated klx450 r. Duane5157
  12. duane5157

    08 klx450r help

    I weight 270lbs and have upgraded to race teck 6.0 shock spring and have .47 on the front. Any idea were to start with the clickers. I have them set at comp 16 and rebound at 8 and shock comp at 12 and rebound at 9. The bike fells pretty good seems to want to climb out of rut to easily, I trail ride mostly. and help or advice is appreciated. Duane5157
  13. duane5157

    big bore kit

    Why dont you do it and let us know how you like the big bore kit. Thats why I like this forum everybody has a say and nobody has enough balls to lead.duane5157
  14. duane5157

    Kenda track master or trail?

    The kenda is a good inexpensive tire. The kenda 270 works well in a dual sport situation. Ive used them in florida sugar sand just air them down and ride. Its not a knobby and you dont ride it as such. On the street it behaves well in the dry or in the rain. They also make it in a 3.25 width for the front if your bike is heavy like a klr650. duane5157
  15. duane5157

    New Guy

    Welcome to the board, Do youself a favor and rejet it immediately, it cures many things on the bike and is relativly easy and cheap.Duane5157