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  1. Hi, can anybody help me with the jetting on my bike. I am riding at 1753 meters (6000ft) above sea level.The only mod to the bike is an akrapovic slip on. Like many people, it seems - the bike bogs when whacking the throttle open from closed throttle, and I just think in all I can get the motor running better with proper jetting. The bike has a keihin FCR-MX 41 carb. Standard jetting is: High speed jet: 180 Low speed jet: 50 (although I put a 48 in without much difference) Starting jet: 85 Dont know if you need these, but here they are Main air jet: 200 Low air jet :100 Floater :g 11.2 Throttle piston :15 Metering pin :OBDVT Metering pin slot :3rd Idle mixture adjusting screw :2 turns All help appreciated