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  1. Thanks Burned!!! I really appreciate it!!
  2. I have been dealing with my slow satellite internet from halfway around the globe in the middle east for days searching the posts on jetting, and it just takes too long. I need help with jetting the '03 DRZ400E and '02 DRZ400S. My dad's "E" will get the coast enrichener removed, the snorkle removed, exhaust opened up, and needs the correct jetting at 5000'. I have heard many things about different needles, pilot air jets, air jets, main jets and such. I need to know what to order for his bike for Father's day coming up. For my "S", I have ordered a dynojet kit already, but after much searching, I don't know if I have the correct stuff. I also ordered the kientech air screw for it. It will have a K&N, snorkle gone with 3X3, and exhaust removed. I need to know what jets I should be putting in this for 5000' also. We will ride in New Mexico at a variety of altitudes, but 5000' will be the primary one. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as my military internet doesn't allow me keep searching all day and night. Thanks in advance. Andy