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  1. I agree totally with what Gray says about rider position. I've noticed many times on my 06 towards the end of the day the bike seems to push a little. It is always a case of me being tired and not getting up on the front in the corners. Also, I've learned that slight changes in set up make a big difference.
  2. This is one of those situations where only you know what is best for you. Me personally, I would sell. First, because I would not be able to stay off the bike long enough to properly heal and second, it's always nice to upgrade to the newer bike when it's time to start riding again!!!
  3. Most importantly, do not let the bike sit idling for more than a minute or two. If you do, you will notice coolant running out the overflow tube. These bikes need air running through the rad to keep them cool.
  4. My 06 does the same thing, most noticable in whoops. I've read several posts where others have had the same noise. I just don't pay attention to it anymore.
  5. Ok, here is my 2 cents... I have read tons of these threads on oils, to the point where I started second guessing what oil to use. Even tried a couple more expensive brands... didn't make make me any faster. lol. Anyway, the point I want to make is I have used Castrol GTX almost all of the bikes I have owned. I have never had any problems or premature wear using this oil. I can not vouch for how long it holds up because at $2 a quart, I change it almost every ride.
  6. Which end cap did you get... new style or old?
  7. I was thinking about using velcro on my seat and pants once that new cap gets here
  8. I have used a 17mm Craftsman wrench on my 02 many times so I know that will work for you. Like Grey said, use two wrenches positioned in a way that you can squeeze them like a pair of pliers.
  9. I have the Works Connection. It fits great and does have the hole for oil draining however, I remove it and clean the foam piece when I change the oil.
  10. Ordered mine from Pit Posse as well. Got a shipping confirmation in 2 hrs. Last time I ordered from them, got my stuff in 3 days... UPS ground!
  11. I went up 1 tooth (50) on my 06 450 after one ride. Seemed like there was a bit of a gap between 2nd and 3rd with the 49. The 50 has worked well on both long fast tracks and short thight ones.
  12. Started having problems with my 06 450 bogging/cutting out on landings. thought it was a float level problem, but turns out that I've got a bad cap. Fuel is sloshing up into cap and causing a vapor lock??? Anyway, just ordered a sexy billet cap!
  13. I would not part with my 06 450 for anything (yet). However, if money was not an issue, I wouldn't mind having a 2 stroke sitting around the garage. It probably wouldn't get much use, but it would be cool to have!
  14. I was was planning on taking Grays advice until the Yamaha shop gave me the S1 fluid for half price. Seems they order the stuff and it ends up sitting on the shelf due to the price. You might check with your local dealer and see what they will do for you.