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  1. peats

    DRZ400S jetting

    Dyno jet 3109.001 2000-2006 Stage 1 EMN needle (if i remember right)
  2. 06 DRZ400s Mods: Athena 440 kit Hotcams Stage 2 in 1 out 3x3 mod Full RS3 (insert in) stock carb I think it should be: 25MJ 150PJ 2.5 turns 4th clip quick yea/nea would be awesome!!!
  3. peats

    Cleaning o-ring chain?

    Don't presure wash it because you could damage it. Just a rag with WD-40. Spary the change and wipe it down. It isn't that difficult of a project.
  4. peats

    Cleaning o-ring chain?

    Use kerosene or wd-40. I use WD-40 because it is cheap.
  5. peats

    quetion for those with ims pro pegs

    I have that setup and it works great.
  6. peats

    FCR Air Leak

    I will jump on the band wagon too, its a hungry carb. completely NORMAL. I thought the same thing when I installed mine. Welcome to the world of the FCR carb
  7. peats

    So, I changed my oil.....

    My 06s is exactly the same, 2800 miles.
  8. peats

    Joker throttle and cable question

    Which cable to get? I don't mind just buying one from your shop for my bike. The cost isn't worth the frustration of getting one to you and having it shipped back. Want me to PM you for this?
  9. peats

    Joker throttle and cable question

    I have seen you will ship one for 20 bucks, I need one Is there a number to call the shop or how might i get one. thanks Uncut CR Highs, FCR-MX. what other info might ya need? And is it safe for street driving, well the little I do now with bike?
  10. The old stock cable system is all but shot. I have an 2006S and have done the FCR-MX mod with some nice High protapers 1 1/8. I have some nasty hanging issues that I have fought for a long time. This time i want to fix the problem instead of just making it work "good enough". Can I just get the Joker Tornado throttle and the tornado Suzuki cable listed from joker for single cable? And do you think its OK to have a single cable system on a street legal version (is it safe)?
  11. peats

    New head gasket and head prep question.

    No major marks to be seen but you could see where gasket was blowing buy. It didn't do it for very long so I am just going to Copper and proper torque. So use 38 vs 35.5?
  12. peats

    New head gasket and head prep question.

    Well before I try to lap it I will copper coat it this time and NOT let the stealer touch it!!
  13. peats

    New head gasket and head prep question.

    Wow nice post william. Seems like a lot to do though. Any other ideas? Where can I get lapping compound?
  14. What should I do for the two surfaces to prep them for new gasket? I know about the 3 coats of Copper spray on the gasket itself but would like to know about how to clean the surface. Previously had a stealer do some work on my bike and after 500 miles gasket went bad!!!
  15. Need to get one but don't want to order one. Can they be bought at a auto parts store? And if I did buy one at auto store is it considered a 1.1 cap?