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  1. Ride Report: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=190368 Just the pics:
  2. Big Buddha

    DR/KLR Action Shots

    Some DR/KLR Action shots from this weekend over at ADV Rider: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=188288
  3. Big Buddha

    Adventure bike??

    I want to start riding mine on longer ADV type rides as well... but I'm still on the stock seat. Which sucks after about an hour of droning on the highway. Will be buying the corbin + ims tank as soon as funds allow...
  4. Big Buddha

    Subframe bent?

    Well... after a lot of worrying, mulling it over, etc... I finally straightened it out this weekend. The subframe was definitely not in line with the rest of the bike, and appeared that it was indeed twisted a bit. Probably damaged during shipping, but there are no other signs of damage. I took it over to my friend's shop at his farm and secured it with tie downs to the back of a tractor. then we used a come-along to straighten it back out. It ended up taking 4 people total. 3 to secure the bike, as it kept wanting to slide off its tires. We tried it several times but the subframe kept "springing" back out-of-whack. So, eventually, we cranked the bejeezus out of it and pulled it way out of whack on the other side. When we released the come-along, it finally lined back up (almost) perfectly. Bike seems good as new. And I'm not panicked anymore... best part is, I didn't have to worry the crap out of my dealer (a friend) and possibly be without a bike for awhile. Hopefully it won't slowly spring back... so far so good....
  5. Big Buddha

    Subframe bent?

    Nobody else has this problem? I can't figure it out for the life of me. I was out in the garage looking at it again tonight.... looks like the wheel is just offset too far to the right. Is the spacer supposed to go on the right side of the wheel rather than the lift? Right now, the spacer is on the chain side, not the brake caliper side, which I suspect is right, but I'm just grasping at straws here....
  6. Big Buddha

    Subframe bent?

    Yep, same number of marks showing on the chain adjusters. Nothing looks like it's pointing in the wrong direction, just looks like the wheel is offset too far to the right? Perhaps to make room for the chain, etc.... I'm really just hoping someone will tell me this is normal
  7. Big Buddha

    Subframe bent?

    The rear tire on my 650 seems to stick out to the right side of the rear fender. In other words, the rear fender does not line up with the middle of the rear tire. I'm not sure if I noticed this before or after the only accident the bike's ever had... It was dropped in the sand at 25-35 mph, but there was no noticable damage. The bike also seems to track straight. I don't notice any alignment issues other than it looks like the tire is sticking too far over to the right... the fender seems to line up with the seat correctly, and the tire seems to point forward correctly. It's like the tire is offset a bit. Is this normal? Anything I can do to diagnose/fix this? TIA!
  8. Big Buddha

    Looking for other DR riders in Monroe,NC (Charlotte area)

    Good deal, well, you are not too far from me at all... I'm just one county over. Know of any good riding areas (or ANY riding areas, power lines, anything) over your way? I'm searching.... so far, just riding around friend's farms.... I'll let you know if I find anything decent in Sampson County.
  9. Big Buddha

    My new 650

    Thanks for the replies, guys... been having a blast with the new toy. can't wait to get it broken in, but have a couple hundred miles to go. so far been riding 50/50 street/offroad... which means lots of sand. haven't dumped it yet, but i know what everyone's saying about the Deathwings... very bad in deep sand. I've had some very scary moments, and now just go slow through sand/mud until I get some new shoes....
  10. Big Buddha

    Aftermarket parts questions...

    Ok, so I traded teh Acerbis guards back in for the Cycra ones. They did not have the rubber bar end mounts for the Cycra guards, so I'll have to order them... However, the guy that sold them to me said most people just use a length of fuel hose over the bolts. Thinking I'll give that a try... Anyone done that? tips?
  11. Big Buddha

    Looking for other DR riders in Monroe,NC (Charlotte area)

    Hey, crasherjoe? Where you at? I'm halfway between Wilmington, and Raleigh, in Clinton.
  12. Big Buddha

    '06 DR650SE Maintenance Questions

    So, I'll add to this question... How easy is it to check the valves on the 650? It looks like valve clearance check is recommended at 1000 miles. Can I do the job myself? Any special tools? Should I order shims in advance?
  13. Big Buddha

    buell headlight mod and windshields?

    I saw a buell city-x this weekend with the laminar lip mounted. Looked like it added some good, extra protection, and also looked great on the bike (not out of place like so many aftermarket windscreens look).... Bet it would look equally good on a DR.... http://www.laminarlip.com/speed3.htm
  14. Big Buddha

    My car gets better milage than my bike !

    Yep, I knew it was a golf as soon as I opened the picture.... Dash is layed out the same as my old, 1983 GTi. Very recognizable. man, I miss that car....