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  1. Go_fox_yourself

    KLR250 info appreciated

    Hiya thanks for the many helpful responses I now have the bike, yes I'm a girl. It's a G reg so is 16years old, I paid £400 and it needs a new front disc and some general tidying to put it through an MOT, not that that really bothers me, it's just a toy. I'll be selling it september time or I'm open to swaps of pit bikes. I do struggle with it, but that's no big deal once I get rolling, it's just the kick starting. I'm 5ft 4", so kick starting envolves a side stand puck, putting bike on stand, running around the right hand side and kicking it over from there... hurts like hell when my foot slips off the kick start and I stub it on the brake lever...even with boots Thanks Sarah
  2. Go_fox_yourself

    KLR250 info appreciated

    Hi I'm new here, I've joined to gain some info about a bike I know nothing about, the KLR250 I've been offered one as a field bike, so what are their common faults? any good off road? I'm not interested in road characteristics as I have a GPZ500s for the road. I'm not very big, 5ft 4" and don't weigh much either, Are they really hard to kick start? do they not take kindly to being stuffed in a shed for a month before being reused? what's the suspension like can it handle decent jumps? Any info, any at all is good. even if it's bad. Thanks Foxy