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  1. I have done searches for 1997 YZ250 carb rebuild and LOTS comes up. Can anyone verify the type of carb it has? I think it is a keihen pwk38 (based on digging through lots of old threads here) you help would be appreciated. Thanks,
  2. I would like/need to rebuild the carb on my 1997 YZ250. I cannot find a rebuild kit (gaskets, needle,...) Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks, Lee
  3. I don't own a DR but just found this thread. I am very impressed! not sure I am up to doing this to my Husky race bike. .but it is tempting! Thanks for all the details. . I really enjoyed reading this thread. -Lee
  4. well. .you will want wheels. .. I have a set for sale from 510smr. .but I need to keep the rotors/brakes. -Lee
  5. First off. .not sure the statement is accurate because I have not spend hardly ANY time on KTM. But, I do know what they are talking about! being polished is hard to put your finger on but an easy way to see/feel what it means is this; Go to your local Honda car dealer and take a fully optioned Honda accord for a drive. nice car, right? No go take a base model BMW 330 for a drive. To me, the difference is obvious. But the Accord is still a great car. -Lee
  6. Hello siam! love to but. .I know this sounds odd. .I do not own a scale. I will try to run over a friends house in the next day or so and weigh them though and report back. Kind of curious myself, I would love to justify the $$ money I spend on them that way : )
  7. Have a pair of crossfires. .Love them. .light, comfortable, great protection. but. .they still look like KISS boots. Maybe I will show up for the first race of the season with a painted face. .think that will intimidate anybody? -Lee
  8. I just noticed that a few days ago! Kills me but I can't do it. This is an odd job for me and i will be working from Fri night till Sunday morning! I can't complain though. . I took a weekend down there just last month and got a full day of MX in. ANY ride in Jan or Feb is like a gift! because there is to much snow on the ground to ride at home right now. Thanks for the offer though. .. maybe I can touch base with you next time I am heading that direction. -Lee
  9. Love to but this has to be a weekday ride for me. I will be working all weekend in Greenville.
  10. Actually. riding partner just backed out on me. . anybody up for some MX riding on Thursday Feb 22nd somewhere between Greenville, NC and Atlanta? -Lee
  11. Never ridden a HUSKY off road. I have ridded the kx and the CRF 2 times now at some awesome MX tracks outside of Atlanta. Not to worried about a big wreck. I would hope the TC250 would be lighter than the CRF but better (more linear) power than the KX. Thanks, Lee
  12. just found out that Carrozeria makes wheels to fit my Husky as well. Trying to get some more info from them before I decide between Marchies or Carrozeria.
  13. I WILL have a set. I have an '05 510 SMR and I am looking at buying a set of forged wheels. I could inlcude some good tires also, if you want. let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Lee
  14. Hey, I am looking at doing some riding off-road/MX riding in a couple weeks. I have access to a '02 KX125 (2 stroke) and a '04 CRF450 to use for free . . .but I COULD pay $170 to ride a new TC250 for the day. I LOVE my Husky 510smr but I don't really know that much about dirt bikes. How is the TC on jumps? would it be worth spending $$ or should I just stick the the free loaner? Thanks for sharing your opinions, - Lee (never ridden a Husky off-road)
  15. Do any of you have converted want to sell me your dirt rims? Thanks, Lee