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  1. JPinCA

    OT What to use for helmet liner cleaning?

    Baby shampoo worked great in my Arai Astral helmet.. Put a towel under it in the sink, washed it and rinsed and washed it and rinsed.. then rinsed it outside with the hose (squeezing the foam, too) Put it out in the sun / warm air to dry then put a fan on it for the night.. Smells great!
  2. JPinCA

    Can a Suzuki 400SM ride on trails?

    Get the DRZ650 with a motostrano wheel set..
  3. I have the Distanzia's and love 'em!
  4. JPinCA

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Ya'll have such nice bikes! Had to make due with my ol' Yami...
  5. JPinCA


    We do that here all the time, and that's on the freeways and in our cars!
  6. JPinCA

    Black is Faster...

    That Is Gorgeous!