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  1. seanxduffy

    '06 450 exc jetting

    i would suggest get a JD jet kit. it gives you both a red and a blue needle for different altitudes. and 4 main jets sizes. its a killer upgrade. all the info is in the kit for altitude and tempeture. braap
  2. seanxduffy

    04 SX # Plate Fit on 04 EXC??

    yes, the number plate will fit, and so will the stickers. almost all of the 04 and up plastic is the same. mxc is the wierd-o with the tank-shroud combo.. and really for that part...most of the chassis are the same when i get some graphics kits it has both the EXC and SX/MXC front plate sticker have fun
  3. gsguy, usually a aftermarket flywheel has better output. i know my trailtech flywheel did. but you could always get a better stator.
  4. seanxduffy

    Help needed..I am swapping my DRZ for a Husaberg

    dude the husaberg will eat your Suzuki. period. if you riding it on the road or lite trails...stick to the suzuki .. if you want to work a bike hard go to the 'berg. the suspension "can" be changed, unlike the DRZ. you can soften up the 'bergs ride for slow trail or set it up for fast trails. I would be afraid of the deal though. he's getting rid od a 7500 (new) bike for a 5000 (new). he is loosing a years and horsepower ... something sound fishy.. bergs are higher mantenence bikes, expensive to fix. but a blast to ride. check it over good good luck
  5. seanxduffy

    making a DRZ truly woods worthy

    my buddy asks me what he can do to make his bike more like mine, (ktm sx525) i say nothing or buy a KTM... but really, can i pull the forks and rear shock of a RM and put them in his. the engine aint bad, its a tractor, but for him, its fine. any other mods to make his DRZ a better mannered bike? thanks
  6. hello all, i jet put a HT torq header and a JD jet kit on my KTM SX525 03, and i will be running a EXC silencer insted of the SX. i was wondering if any one has done this and did you need to changes you Jetting to compensate for the EXC silencer. thanks