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  1. Hello. I've recently been thinking about getting a KLX250s. I want a dirt bike to learn on, but don't want to have to transport it just to ride locally. I've been to my DMV's site (mississippi) and can't find anything on this. The closest I can find is custom car/kit car title. The process seems pretty similar. They make sure it has all the proper lights etc... Everything seems pretty lax in this state, so I don't think I'd have too much trouble. But, does anyone know how I can find out for sure? Who do I call? DMV, HP, etc...? Or does anyone know where I can find this info on the net? I can find really good used dirt bikes for cheaper than a new kawi 250s. Plus, I'm looking for something that was made for off road that I can just get by with on the street. I already have a street bike. I want to see how I like off-roading on a bike, thinking about an adventure bike in the future, but if I don't like dirt, then there's no point. Plus, I don't want to drop a big, expensive adventure and mess it up. Thanks!