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  1. tri650

    2015 Honda crf250l mods worth it?

    Great discussion. I fall on the side of it's my money and I can spend it how I like. If you don't like spending money on the bike, or feel it's a waste of time and money, then so be it. There is no way in hell this bike was going to remain stock for me. I bought the EJK and plan on adding the pipe and opening up the airbox. I feel the EJK has provided a difference as I am putting the motor under stress going up hill. No lag now as opposed to stock. I also understand the stock suspension needs help. I have ridden this off road and it is scary. My limited skills need as much help as possible.
  2. tri650

    CRF250L Suspension/Handling Upgrade Thread

    OK, didn't want to start a war between Race Tech and Cogent. Actually, I have used Race Tech a lot in the past for street, dual sport and racing. Great products and great service. Was looking to save a few pennies if possible.
  3. tri650

    CRF250L Suspension/Handling Upgrade Thread

    They have a very good reputation and have built the go-to rear shock for the KLR. Slightly cheaper than the Race Tech model but not sure if there is a big difference.
  4. tri650

    CRF250L Suspension/Handling Upgrade Thread

    Someone on this forum mentioned Cogent Dynamics as a rear shock option for the CRF250L. I contacted them and this is what they had to say: We do have an awesome shock for the CRF250. Custom built for you, it prices @ $639. We will build a custom application specifically for you based on our conversation with you over the phone at the time of order. We’ll interrogate you about your weight, riding habits, terrain ridden, loads carried and preferences. It will indeed be a transformation over the OEM shock. If you service it with us every 2 years or 20,000 miles at the cost of $85 we will replace all wear parts @ no charge. In essence, each time you do this you will have a new shock on the inside. If you choose not to follow this maintenance schedule, we’ll perform the same service at the same rate whenever you choose, but you’ll pay for your parts. If you go on our website, it will look very much like our Moab or Mojave shocks, same design, just tailored for the CRF250L. Adjustable for spring preload and rebound damping. When we go to Pro Series version, we can add compression damping adjustment, but in that version of shock you’re looking toward the $1000 mark. Anyone have a Cogent Dynamic rear shock.
  5. tri650

    Dead battery - then nothing?

    I have the 3x3 and rejetted. It was leaking gas from carb during trip. Seemed to leak only when running. I subsequently took off carb and have it apart. Float bowl gasket was toast. Wondering if float was also acting up.
  6. I was out on a trip to Colorado with my new-to-me KLX400 and after a week of riding we stopped at a restaurant. I got back on bike and turned the key and it would barely bump the starter. Not a normal noise for a dead battery. I tried to kick start and the kick starter was basically locked - would not budge. I actually got off bike and kicked it with my foot to see if it would budge - nothing. Tried pushing it and popping clutch and as soon as I let out clutch the back wheel would lock. Thought I seized the motor. Anyway, got back home and plugged into charger and got battery charged again. Started right up, kick starter became unstuck also. No issues since. So, what the heck happened? Why would it not kick start? And why not pop start? It acted like the motor was locked up. What is point of kick start if it won't work when battery is dead?
  7. tri650

    Help needed - front rim/spokes

    50 today here also. Not too worried I am missing out on a day of riding - it is January. I am doing some other things to the bike so this isn't really slowing me down. As long as I am all ready by March I will be happy.
  8. tri650

    Help needed - front rim/spokes

    I think they sent the wrong part. I found on the original box that it was listed for KX250/450F/KLX450. I looked up parts on Kawasaki site and they are different spoke numbers for these models vs. the KLR. Funny, but their listing showed this part # for the KLR but obviously that was wrong. Oh well, just another 3-4 day delay.
  9. I have an 02 KLR650 and wanted to replace the rusty front spokes. Ordered a spoke kit from Moose and started to put together - the nipples are too big for the wholes and the spokes are slightly shorter with a slightly different bend. I double checked the part number and it was right for this year. Here is what is stamped on the rim: Takasago J 21 x 1.60 DOT 354 Japan 885. How do I tell what rim this is for? Guessing the previous owner put on a different rim - any way to find out what this fits? Stuck with new spokes and nipples that don't fit.
  10. tri650

    Beefing up sub frame of Xr250r?

    Not pretty - but functional. Looks like it would carry a wide load.
  11. I want to add some type of rack to the back of my XR250r to carry sleeping bag, tent, bags, etc. Worried the rear sub frame is not strong enough to handle the load. Anyone beef up the rear sub frame - weld a bracket? etc., Any suggestions are appreciated.
  12. tri650

    Fine tuning carb for idle - 1/4 throttle

    I went to the 48 pilot, 1 3/4 turns out. Started first kick on middle choke. Seemed like the "bog" was gone, but I understand the carb can only go so far. Probably did something to help it but may just be perception not reality. Doing 100+ miles tomorrow so it will get the gamut of cold start, warm start and hot start. I am feeling pretty good about this set up. Hopefully everything works out tomorrow. Funny, but I was already looking at the bigger bore, cams, etc., to get a few more hp out of the motor. Price tag for everything came to about $1K. Put $1K in a $1200 bike??? Sure. Guessing late one night after a few beers I'll order everything online and then wonder what the hell I just did.
  13. tri650

    FMF Powercore 4 question

    Or I could just try earplugs. And I may be wrong on the size of the holes - may be 1/4".
  14. tri650

    FMF Powercore 4 question

    I did the Gordon mods on my 02 XR250R - including 3 1/8" holes in the exhaust. Runs great but the drilled exhaust is too loud for my old ears now - sounds like a Harley. Wondering about putting on a FMF Powercore 4 to get the same result of less restricted exhaust but quieter. Anybody have the Powercore and is it quiet - and have you used it in conjunction with the Gordon Mods?
  15. tri650

    Fine tuning carb for idle - 1/4 throttle

    I put in 48 pilot and went 1 3/4 turns out. Kicked at full choke - stumbled and stopped. Put at middle choke level and it started with one kick. Ran up and down street and slight stumble seemed to be gone right off idle. Came home and stopped - then kicked it and it started on first kick when warm. I will give it an extended ride this weekend. Taking small screwdriver for pilot screw adjustment.