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  1. what i like most is how the guy can post a long reply without using any punctuation and how he can drop from b class to c class when its bad weather i think he is a good role model for all of his friends who were backing him up in the posts and why was everyone arguing with him from december 2005 until august 2006 is 2 years isnt it?
  2. That is probably the funniest thread I have ever read.
  3. Thanks to both of you. BTW, will the YZ shrouds that come with the Hurricane Kit fit both of these tanks? Thanks again. Rob
  4. Oh well, guess I can call the seat & tank dealers....maybe yamaha too.
  5. I'm kicking around putting the hurricane plastice on my '06 WR450. YZ plastics, probably a clarke 3.1 gal tank. Will I need to get a stock yz450 seat to make it fit? I'm assuming the stock WR seat will not fit.
  6. I had a little trouble along the same lines. I'm very new to trail riding (after 25 years I have forgotten everything). I have an 06 WR 450, and I was having trouble sticking in the turns, whether I was slinging the bike around or just trying to run smooth. When I found my problem, as usual, it wasn't the bike, it was me. I had started looking at the berm instead of where I wanted to go. You go where you look. I also didn't think I was doing it, until a buddy pointed it out.
  7. Thats good to know, I'll just stick with the hydration system.
  8. Not an ice vest, and I have no personal experience with this vest, but might be worth looking into. http://www.sixsixone.com/catalog.aspx?id=5c41fd91-ab04-463b-b64c-4cf8425bc021&pl=MOTO
  9. No one else in Florida?