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  1. ParticleMan

    Drain Bolt Seized!!!

    I had to fight with my front sprocket bolt today and stripped it. Here's how I got it out. I went to autozone and bought a set of these. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0000CCXVZ/ref=nosim/?tag=nextag-tools-20&creative=380333&creativeASIN=B0000CCXVZ&linkCode=asn My bolt was a 12mm, so I had to dremel down and clean it up a bit to get the 11mm size on there, hammer on the grip tool and start turning, sure enough with a torque wrench and one of these it came right out. At worst, you will have to take a center punch and knock the center and drill out and use an extractor, I haven't had to resort to this, but my brother who fixes stuck screws/bolts for the air force all day tells me it works.
  2. So I got my first CRF450r last week. Wow is all I have to say, I took a big leap without ever riding one and really hadn't seen very many in action. I've ridden or owned all of the XR line, so you know what I was coming from. Basically I was floored when I opened up the throttle on the 450 I see why everyone talks them up so much. I ended up buying an 03 with low runtime and the owner had stainless valves installed which after reading around seems like a real plus. The throttle response is unreal. I can't wait for this indiana mud to dry up so I can really see what this thing will do. Looks like lots of fun ahead. Pics in my garage
  3. ParticleMan

    Xr650l Life Span ?

    Mine is approaching 10k miles it's a '98. Uncorked, smog junk off for who knows how long. I bought it with 7500 on it without a second thought. The XR motors are just that good. Like others have said, take care of it and it will last you a long time.
  4. ParticleMan

    650L HOTCAM, what do you like? dislike?

    I have a hotcam in my L, but I really can't say how much it helped it cause I bought it with it. As far as drawbacks I don't see any since the bike never really gives me any trouble, starts easy and I have put several thousand miles on it with the hotcam installed (since I've owned it).
  5. ParticleMan

    unfortunate luck....bent forks xr650L, sigh

    Flubber, I dumped my L over the weekend on a ramp and thought I bent my forks also. Like others have suggested, get the wheel between your legs and grab the handle bars and bend it back. Not sure what slipped on mine, but I went over all the bolts on the forks and retorqued them, all is good now.
  6. ParticleMan

    XR650L Gas Milieage

    98 650L rejetting, std uncorked stuff, hotcam, yoshi exhaust 50/50 riding this tank 42mpg. Last week totally offroad running pretty hard 32mpg.
  7. ParticleMan

    Best Or Close All Round Rear Tire For 650L ?

    I took my trailwings off of my '98 650L, they are junk for the dirt. It has a MT21 on the front now and a Kenda trackmaster II 760 on the rear. I have about 250 miles on them now. The MT21 just now is getting the little nubs worn off from being so new. It really holds well in the turns off road. The Kenda I'm still not decided on. I'm not real easy on the throttle when I'm offroad and the knobs are well rounded now which surprised me just how much they wore over in a short amount of time. It still bites better than the trailwings did but I can tell that they have rounded over. I ride about 50/50, road there is a decrease in performance. I don't like to take the corners quite as aggressive with these and they don't get as much traction as the trailwings, but well worth the trade off for the offroad performance. Last thing about the Kenda you have to look at is the price, I paid $35 for mine.
  8. ParticleMan

    Oil use on an L

    Burn oil when new? gimmeabreak.. take what you read on these forums with a grain of salt, I find myself shaking my head at wr450fyamaha's posts on a normal basis. He should be an expert on smoking and burning oil.. here is a nice summary. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=378137 sorry for the hijack, the only helpful advice I have is to make sure you're measuring it correctly, mine will appear low unless you check it like the manual says.
  9. ParticleMan

    going black

    Looks good, I need to get ahold of a rear fender like that. Here is mine in black '98 650L http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h309/bob3219/Picture11674.jpg http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h309/bob3219/Picture11675.jpg http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h309/bob3219/Picture11671.jpg
  10. ParticleMan

    38 MPG L Model?

    100% off road this tank, ripping on it big time. Got 29mpg on my '98 650L. hotcam, rejetted, yoshimura pipe.
  11. So I bought a 650L off of wr450fyamaha a little while back (some of you probably knows how this is going to go). I thought I had did my homework, read a few of his post back a few months didn't read any major issues (I didn't go back far enough). I was really happy with the bike when I picked it up, it really does run great, but I did notice as time went on riding it it smokes a bit but not always. Last night I really nailed it down and got off of the gas, turned around for whatever reason got it to smoke pretty good. So naturally I come to thumpertalk and search for smoking issues on this forum. What do I run across? http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=294689&page=1&pp=10 soooooo, this is my bike.... I'm pissed because 1. I asked him flat out more than once on the phone if there was ANYTHING that I should know above the normal stuff. He assured me there was not other than it has been dumped a few times and the handle gaurd being fixed 2. he didn't tell me it smoked, I think I might have even asked him? but I'm not sure. I honestly don't know if I would've driven 8 hours to pick the bike up if I had known this. So I just thought I would get that off my chest. Now onto the important issue at hand, my bike smokes and it has had sand in the top end. I need some thoughts about what this might take to fix, please no doom and gloomers here the motor runs great as it is. I figure that the cylinder wall could be scored and it will probably need cleaned up and new rings at the very least. Unlike what the original thread states the oil checks correctly and reads like it should, so far the bike doesn't seem to be burning any noticeable about of oil. In the time I've had it I haven't had to put oil in it and I have been watching the amount. Any thoughts are appreciated
  12. ParticleMan

    shifting into 2nd gear...is this normal?

    Mine makes a fairly loud clunk into 2nd also. I've owned/ridden alot of XRs, not saying this is normal, but I've noticed it on quite a few.
  13. ParticleMan

    Xr650l Vs A 600r?

    I've spent hours on the 2000 600r of my brothers, and I own a '98 650L. I wouldn't call the difference "huge" at all. They're both heavy bikes, they both really show it on the trails. The tires make a huge difference, the L being used on the road naturally shouldn't have as aggressive tires. I have new ones coming for my L, right now it is using deathwings (now I know why they're called that), once it gets some decent tires on it I will be even more capable on the trails. For me, I'm a big guy anyway 6'1" 255lbs wrestling the L or the R isn't any huge difference and the e start spoiled me in about 5 minutes. As far as power, my L has a hot cam in it, all the normal tweaks, rejetting, yoshimura exhaust. The 600r is tweaked too, both have similar (crazy) power. It's a give and take deal, I like my 650L alot, it's legal and runs good on the street as is, has crazy power, good on trails, and I LIKE the e start.
  14. ParticleMan

    50/50 Tires

    lol.. same question here. I have a bridgestone TW-302 on the rear on my L. Not happy with it offroad at all. I've read some people recommending the dunlop D606, and the Pirelli? Would the D606 be a gain over what I have ?