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  1. stevebee

    Raptor, blown motor??

    I'm a newbie, but this could be as simple as a loosened exh. valve adjust nut now hitting the cap and loosening it allowing oil seepage. Or perhaps I'm dreaming. I hope the guy comes back and tells us what he found.
  2. stevebee

    05 MZ Black Panther..

    I have three MZ Skorpion 660s, one street bike I bought had 108,000 miles, runs great and has never been apart. I am rebuilding a roadrace engine. New HotCranks crankshaft, rods and bearings assy $254.00, top end parts are 01 to 04 Raptor and interchangable. I wouldn't worry about repairs unless you crash. It appears the new European Yamaha XT660 is the same engine also, so parts for the engine are nearly assured. The water and radiator might put the bike out of the old school air/oil cooled category. Enjoy the machine and keep the rubber side down. Edit: the right end of the Raptor crankshaft is shorter and 1mm smaller diameter at the starter one way clutch assy, and the taper for the ignition rotor is also 1mm smaller in diameter. Beware, neither the starter or rotor can be used, and the Raptor rotor is smaller and doesn't have proper timing protrusions. I guarantee you will lose your starter and charging capability plus have major work to set up an ignition trigger system.
  3. crystal, I had the exact symptoms you describe in your first post with a brand new at delivery 04 DR200se. Idle jet was plugged. I mean plugged hard with varnish. Never in 50 years had an idle jet cause so much trouble.