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  1. we didnt know that there was a team by that name. we have had it for 4 years. but we'll be more that happy to be apart of your club....lol I guess that's what the SJMC means??? well your number 14x:banana:
  2. I found the race results that are now posted, but I cant get them open. (on the their site) Anybody else?
  3. bikedude, NOBODY thought you guys were sandbaggers. We were the team that came in behind you guys. (Stumpjumpers 14x) You were fast and riding clean. I dont think a poor sport should ruin your victory.(probably drunk and called the wrong team) Our guys had a great ride and everything fell good. With some minor setbacks we were very happy to get 3rd Op Ex. Keep your head up and ride hard. From: the pit b*tch! for 14x LOL
  4. How do you know where you placed overall? is it posted somewhere? thanks!
  5. How are you guy's finding out where you came in overall? this is the best race! and a big Thank You to All of you that helped make it happen.
  6. thanks I got mine yesterday! love it! thanks,Shelley
  7. could I also add a XL tank? or is it to late? THANKS!
  8. i'll get a lg. t-shirt thanks! let me know $ and if I can pay you thru PPal.
  9. your doing great, and in time it all starts to feel more comfortable.
  10. congrats!! looks like my kind of wedding........
  11. #911, I work at a hospital and seems that I get to help and haul alot of riders to hosp.
  12. I agree!! cant stand to watch the show since she came on! I have no problem listening to others views, but the other person needs to listen as well. I really did like the show before, now its just a B@#CH session. Whether I agree with Bush or not, I support the troops.
  13. please send to: wight_rags@hotmail.com thanks!!
  14. I dont think we had to pay last year??? notice would have been nice, no problem but nice to know ahead of time. (for all of us newbies)