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  1. I use No-toil but I have a trick that works excellent. I have 7 filters total. When they have all been through the bike I put them in my washing machine (the one you do your laundry in) with my no-toil filter cleaner. I put about 1/4 cup of filter cleaner in the washing machine and run it through on gentle cycle. They come out spotless. Then when I am going to use them I have No-toil oil in an old Powerade bottle (the ones with the orange cap that you have to twist to get anything to come out). I use it to spread the oil on the filter. Then I use air filter rim grease. The powerade bottle saves oil like crazy since I have control of where I am putting the oil and how much I put onto the filter. Whenever I tell anyone the washing machine trick they all wonder what the washing machine is like when I am done. It comes out spotless because the No-toil is just like vegetable oil - it just washes away. It costs a couple of bucks to get a bunch of filters but it sure makes life easy when you only have to go through the process once every month or so.