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  1. Thanks Dave, as it turns out it's also insanely hard to start cold all of a sudden. I'm thinking I'm going to put the 42 pilot back in. Should I Leave the 172 in there or should I take it back down to stock too?
  2. I have an 05 CRF450R. I recently Installed a twin air filter and a Yoshimura TRC pro series full system. I am at 50ft above sea level so I went to a 172 main, 45 pilot at 2 1/8 turns out just to be on the safe side. The bike runs perfectly but the pipe seems to get really hot. (The last time I warmed it up on the stand for an oil change it burped a big flame on shut down.) I'm just worried about burning out the packing or hurting the carbon fiber. Any suggestions?
  3. I had the same problem. Change your throttle tube. Sand got in it, some wear took place, now there's enough play for the cable to slip off. You might want to consider a Pro Circuit aluminum tube.
  4. If you use synthetic right off the bat you're engine will essentially not break in. The engine needs to wear for the first few hours.
  5. Counter clockwise
  6. That's just wrong man
  7. I just wanna know what size sprocket to buy.... anybody???
  8. LOL... Where were you yesterday? I'm kinda sketchy about using two master links especially since they would be right next to each other. I'm thinking it might fit wit 13/45.. 13/43 if i have to.
  9. I just took delivery of a new DID o-ring chain and 13/49 sprockets. The problem is I have brain damage and I cut out one too many links. I already ordered an ERT2 and that along with my new 13/48 sprockets is gonna be my track setup. Now I'm devising some sort of "fire road - top speed" set up so that my 112 link o-ring chain doesn't have to slowly corrode away to dust on the floor of my garage. I just wanna know how small of a rear sprocket I have to get to make it fit.
  10. does anyone know if those spacers are the same size, my tire is getting chewed up by the chain they may be in the wrong sides
  11. I don't know why I'm the first but I have to stand up for the CRF, I just put the the tenth hour on my 05 450R and my valves are right on the money, I haven't touched them since she rolled off the showroom floor, I couldn't ask for a better starting/running bike. I'm not even gonna get started on how good the suspension is treating me....
  12. I agree, only I never liked Reed
  13. 05 CRF450R My trails consist mostly of whoops, berms and lips, I don't know how you would categorize that.
  14. Totally cool for cleaning-Not to be trusted for lubricating(I like fluid film, it's kind of like chain lube only not quite as messy)
  15. I can't remember off the top of my head but if you go to you can just check the parts diagram. (I made the exact same mistake.)