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  1. I hate 2-strokes


    Yea I hate my bike I am going to sell it to a friend (he offered me $4100 and I am Taking it) I am going to buy an 05 to 06 crf250 or kx250f. I like 250f's better! Easier to ride and I feel it has more balls than my 250. I will be saving money by not having to go to the dealer to pay 7 somthing for a little bottle of oil that lasts a day of riding! I am going 4-stroke!
  2. I hate 2-strokes


    Whats that suppose to mean crrider what r u talking about? I only have $75 for my 04 CR250. It does noot need a top end! I am pinned 5th gear before a 70 ft double (Im reving the piss out of it too) and I feel like its not enough! I want to do the 90FT and I dont trust my bike! I did it on my little bros 250f but my cr feels slow too me! I only have $75 to spend and The gearing is stock! Im not changing it!!!
  3. I hate 2-strokes


    I need help with my bike. Its slow. Its all stock and cant afford to buy a new bike. I hate i and want a 250f or 450 but there too much money. What can I do to my bike too make it keep up with the new bikes?