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    DRZ400SM = Commuter

    I never have to downshift with the 15-38 gearing, it has enough power. But i would say that when doing 70mph i have the have the throttle 80-90% open. When i have stock gearging, 15-41 i would only have to have the throttle 60-70% open to maintain 70mph. Now if there is no wind at all then i have to use less throttle to maintain speed, but if there is any wind, which there is usually everyday here, then i have lost MPG over stock gearing. according to my tack , if i remember correctly it dropped my rpms by 300-400rpms. I could be wrong, its been so long since ive switched the sprockets. I used to average about 58mpg when i had stock gearing and doing more highway riding. That was doing about 65-70mph on the highway, average. Now averaging about 70mph, My bike only averages about 52mpg. take it for what its worth by the way my bike is stock other than gearing and i weigh about 180-190lbs
  2. RiddlerLS1

    DRZ400SM = Commuter

    yup its a lot easier to put a front sprocket on... usually. Also its a lot easier on a chain to add a tooth then take 3 away. WHen you make a sprocket smaller, it puts more strain on the chain. In my case i bought a 16t for the front and it wouldnt fit. Even if i shaved down the chain slider it wasnt going to fit on MY bike for some reason so i said screw it and ordered a rear one. Im happy with the change most of the time, until it gets windy.
  3. RiddlerLS1

    DRZ400SM = Commuter

    i agree with that whole heartedly. Here in Arkansas, if there is a headwind when on the highway, the throttle is ALMOST pinned to sustain 70mph. When it is windy outside, ive actually lost MPG since putting the 38tooth sprocket on the rear. But my bike is stock power wise, other then the sprocket. Just a thought. On the windy days, i wish i would have stayed with the 41tooth rear.
  4. RiddlerLS1

    Yoshimura Graphics

    Im desperately awaiting some cool graphics to come out for my black motard
  5. RiddlerLS1

    Newbie with a 2007 sm

    what mods is that carb jetted for in the kit? stock, 3x3, all the above + pipe? or just how they come?
  6. RiddlerLS1

    MPG results?

    stock 06 SM and i get about 53-54mpg riding at 73-75 mph. Also i hit reserve at about 94-97miles but when i fill up it takes under 2 gallons everytime so just because you hit reserve doesnt mean you have actually consumed 2 gallons. When i stay under 70 i was getting 60+mpg constantly
  7. RiddlerLS1

    SM gearing

    i bought the 16t counter sprocket and it might fit on a S model with the case saver modified but it wouldnt fit on MY SM withouting grinding down on the swingarm as welll..... so im waitingb for my 38T rear to come in.
  8. RiddlerLS1

    Lower RPMs?

    you probably dont wanna know what rpms your actually turning at those speeds, it kinda scared me (i put a tac on mine), but ill put you in the ball park, its above 6000rpms lol. Im putting a 16 tooth front on mine. It will take some modifying to the case saver and the chain guard or slider but it looks like it will go on. If that wont work im gonna go with the 38t rear. Im gonna try the front first though b/c its way cheaper and im cheap. lol
  9. RiddlerLS1

    SM gearing

    did any of you see an increase in gas mileage? Or otherwise? i ordered a 16 tooth the other day, cant wait, however they told me that they stopped recommending them for the SM's because they were having problems with them hitting the swingarm. i told them to send it anyways and we would see. Can anyone confirm that? i know i will probably have to do some grinding on the case saver, thats acceptable. Also im curious whether ppl have lost gas mileage after a jet kit and 3x3 mod? What about after a full system install? Just curious b/c i would love more power but i would like to know what kind of gas mileage increase or decrease i will see out of the mentioned mods.
  10. RiddlerLS1

    SM gearing

    will it be the same part number as the S model? oh yeah and did you have to cut a link out of your chain?
  11. RiddlerLS1

    SM Tail Light Asmbly Cracked???

    Hey roscoe, Its trevor from Bill Eddy's. I think im going to end up putting on the DRC edge light on my bike. It looks pretty good to me. Trevor
  12. RiddlerLS1

    SM gearing

    06 DRZ400 SM Well i do almost all my riding on the pavement. It is geared to low for my tastes when it comes to highway use. Has anyone tried or even found a 16 tooth sprocket for the front? I havent been able to find one but i know where i can have one made, will it fit? Likewise i cant find anything smaller then a 41T for the rear. So basicly i have come to the conclusion that im pretty much screwed as far as gearing goes. I bought a tach so i can see what kind of RPM's im cranking when im doing 70mph but it hasnt came in yet so does anyone know then answer to that question by any chance? Thanks guys