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    Harbor freight tools to help with the yz build.

    I wasted hours trying other's methods to replace the rear wheel bearings - 2003 Ford Focus, including heating the drum and freezing the bearing. Pounded with a sledge - everything. With my new HF 20-ton press, old bearing pressed out, and new pressed in - no stress and only took minutes.
  2. flyhawk2

    brokeback drz400sm

    Broke the tail off my new DRZ400SM. The taillight, turn signals, lic plate & bracket, reflector are all attached to PLASTIC, and that plastic piece broke. Everything was dangling by the wiring. Certainly appears to be a weak design. It was never hit by anything, just broke from the flexing when riding over rough terrain. Has anyone else had this happen?? I can't believe I'm the hardest charging DRZ400 rider out there! btw....approved to be fixed under warranty, whew. Dorland DRZ400SM