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  1. TeamCharm

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    I just got back from riding over 14k feet ASL in Colorado. I had my '05 TTR250 jetted for sea level with snorkle with a 138 main, stock pilot, needle on the second from most richest setting. Upon arrival in Colorado it did not run well. From the rental condo at 10k to 14.2k I had to drop the main to 130, pilot left alone, 1.25 turns on the fuel mixture screw with the needle on the leanest setting possible. Bike carburated fine, but keep in mind that even if you have the fuel air mixture correct, there is 40% less density at 14k than sea level. This means 40% less torque. The bike just makes less power everywhere. 14/50 gearing had me in 1st gear with the throttle pinned on some sections. Got me there tho!!! S
  2. TeamCharm

    DR650 race prep

    Learn how to safety wire if you don't already. Use safety wire on everything you don't want to come loose. There are some good online guides for how to do this, also, a aircraft crew chief can show you how to do it. If you can't find either, PM me and I'll send you a copy of our road racing school guide on how to do this. You also have to learn how to drill the nuts and bolts you want wired. Its hard at first, but once you get the hang of it is easy. Buy a bunch of 1/32" drill bits. Get at least 20. They only cost a buck or so. I would suggest 0.025" or so wire. You can buy the safety wire plyers pretty cheap these days. As far as machine set up for desert riding, I'm a road racer, and wouldn't be of much use there. Motorcycle racing is the creast of the wave, you'll like it. Stephen Harris
  3. TeamCharm

    Anyone weigh their DR650?

    I have a ~completely~ stock '95 DR650. With full fluids, it weighs 397 lbs on the two scale method. Figure a 1-2 percent margin of error. I'd say your modified post '96 model being 361 is about right. The newer model went on a weight reduction program at the same time as the change in stroke for the motor. I was going to upgrade to the newer model mainly for the wieght savings. But after talking to people on another DR650 list who had the newer unit stock, it turns out their '96 & newer were only 25lbs or so (stock to stock) lighter than my '95. For me, 25 lbs isn't worth the money because I do majority pavement riding & trails two up with the Mrs. YMMV. Stephen Harris
  4. TeamCharm

    1997 XR 100, poor performance

    Good idea to replace the jets, but if they were blocked likely the carb body passageways for the pilot circuit are also blocked. Easy to clean. First you need to remove the pilot circuit fuel mixture screw. Its in the bottom of the car just forward of the float bowl. Take a screw driver and start tightening the screw untill it bottoms, counting the number of turns it takes. BE VERY GENTLE with the screw. It take very little torque to bend the valve at the end of the screw. When the screw feels like its bottomed, back it out a turn or too, then bring if down again to bottom to make sure you have it bottomed. Write down the number of turns from bottom that the screw was set at. Take the screw out, and remove the spring, washer and O-ring under it. Be be carfull not to get carb cleaner on the O-ring. Now that you have removed all the rubber & plastic from the carbs you are ready to clean them. That thin tube that came with the can of carb cleaner needs to be necked down first. Take a lighter or a match and carefully heat the tube about a inch from its end (detached from the spray can) so that it starts to get soft. Pull the end of the tube and you'll note the plastic streches, making the diameter of the tube a lot smaller. Hold the tension until the tube cools taking the new shape. Cut the end off so that the tube now terminates in a taper of a much smaller diameter. This smaller end can get into the idle circuit passageways where the normal tube cannot. Spray carb cleaner into the slow speed jet, air jet and fuel screw chamber. Let the carb sit for a few minutes and repeat. Block the slow speed jet & fuel screw chamber with your finger and spay into the air jet There should be a nice copisteaic flow out the little hole at the bottom of the carb throat. If not, use the necked down end of the spray tube to spray backwards thru the idle circut. Compressed air is helpful here. Finish by spraying the contact cleaner thru the passeways to remove the carb cleaner. Let the carb dry before re-assemble so that the rubber items arn't damaged. Be carfull to set the fuel screw to its orginal number of turns.
  5. TeamCharm

    '99 XR100 Cylinder Head Torque

    Thank you.
  6. TeamCharm

    '99 XR100 Cylinder Head Torque

    Could anyone be so kind as to indicate the clyinder head torque with all stock gaskets & parts? Thx Stephen Harris
  7. TeamCharm

    balancing tires?

    There are two types of balancing you can do, dynamic and static. Both have advantages and disadvantages. At the track for the most part we use static balancing, almost all the tire venders do as well. You have a static balancer, its your axle mounted on the fork. With the bike level and on a stand put the axle thru (caliper off, brake drag will prevent this from working) & see if the wheel turns with little or no resistance. This is also a good time to check the wheel bearings clicking or snagging is bad. Excessive friction is normally caused by dirt or goo build up in the wheel seal lip area around the axle. You can remove the wheel & generally clean the goo off the lips of the seal with a rag. Just be sure to replace it with grease, lithium based, or the like, when finished. Once free spinning, allow the heavy spot to settle to the bottom be letting the wheel turn freely. Check that you actually have the heavy spot on the bottom by rotating the wheel 90 degrees from the bottom point & confirm the wheel wants to rotate back to its original position. Based on how fast it wants to bottom you can estimate, how much weight you'll need, but start out small and work up. You can use the same tape weights you used on a street bike, but the spoke weights are more secure. If you use tape weights, duct tape over them so when riding over uneven terrian they will not fly off. The rear presents a little more trouble because you have to mount it without the brake and drive chain. The rear wheel seals are likely more goo'd up as well, but the idea is the same. On a big single at speeds below 60, it would take a fairly sensitive rider to notice a mild out of balance condition on pavement, and almost impossible to notice off road riding. Dynamic balancers go beyond the scope of what I have time to type for, but use the shaking forces caused by spinning to determine the amount of weight needed. Enjoy! S
  8. TeamCharm

    93 Dr 650 ...

    For a center stand I'm having good luck using a upside down 5 gallon plastic pail (tomato paste container from our culinary dept) as a center stand for the time being. A little wobblie, but it works. Eventually I want to get rear stand spools on the swing arm like my road racing machines & use a pit bull stand, but that may be some time. There are slick sissor center stands that pick the machine up underneath, little pricie, but nice if you got the $.
  9. TeamCharm

    93 Dr 650 ...

    I just got a '95 and agree its hard to find stuff. One thing that I did find out after talking with Acerbis is that you can still get the 6.6 gal tank from them for the '92-'95's. This costs about the same as the IMS unit, but holds another 1.7 or so ga. I'm also on the hunt for parts. One thing I was trying to find out if there is anyone with a manual online like the '96 and newer units. I've read the carb is suppose to be the same, so you can use the jet kit for the newer ones as well.
  10. TeamCharm

    1995 DR650 SES service manual info

    Howdie! I just bought my first dual purpose machine. Yikeees! I searched the forums and found a link for the DR service manual but it appears to be for a 1996 model year and newer. Is there a link for the 92-95 model year prior engine units? Does anyone know what info is the same from the 1995 and 1996 model years? Any other 1995 model year specific info or links appreciated.