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    SM610 - Sudden Vibration Problem

    Pic sent 2 u.
  2. 06sm610

    2006 SM610 info.

    Hi, new here and from Buffalo NY area. Two things I've read about and found that I'd like to share: 1- Gear misalignment/vibration issues that were mentioned on another thread. Someone said they found that the marks on the crankshaft/clutchbasket gears didn't line up, so they corrected it. Mine were also off, BUT I have a hand placed scribe mark located one tooth of original mark, counterclockwise on the crank gear. So it must have been a factory deemed change, so I'm leaving it. (have pics) 2- "Brake howl" that has been noticed by some is the rear sprocket rubbing on the nylon chain guard insert. Hope this (above) helps someone. This my 3rd Husqvarna, and hope I made a good choice!
  3. 06sm610

    SM610 - Sudden Vibration Problem

    Sorry, new here, have a pic, how do I post it?
  4. 06sm610

    SM610 - Sudden Vibration Problem

    Hi. I checked my 2006 gears like you mentioned. The dots don't line up but the factory made a new (on bigger gear) mark with a scribe and also painted the area blue to notice it easier. Maybe yours was right, and the 2,000 plus miles on your bike made it hard to see. Must be Husky changed it at the factory. Have a pic if anyone wants to see the mark they placed.