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  1. Brazil99

    Pin Size Hole in Radiator! HELP!

    The same thing happened to me and it was in the coils so I could not reach it with JB weld. My grandfather who was a mechanic said put a pinch of pepper in there. Just regular ground pepper. So I did and ran it for about ten minutes and no more pin hole. That was a year ago and have not had any problems since. I would probably use this as a last resort if you can't JB it and have to buy a new radiator. What do you have to loose
  2. Brazil99

    Should I purchase the 2 year warranty?

    Today is the day! Thanks for all of the advice. I am purchasing it from Champion. They have a great reputation! Everyone that I know that has purchased a bike there has nothing but good things to say. I am getting the bike for 5600 OTD or 6000 OTD withn the warranty.
  3. Hello fellow riders. I am a first time user and have enjoyed all of the coments regarding this bike. Every word just gets me more and more excited to get on this bike and roost!!! I am picking up my new crf450x tomorrow. The dealership is offering a two year fender to fender warranty for an additional $400.00. Is it worth the money or should I spend it on upgrades? Thank you very much for your response Brazil99