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    starting when hot

    Just a quick update, We pulled the carb ad did a basic carb clean, the hot start looked fine. We changed the throttle cables at the same time as there was some drag and wear. Put everything back together and the bike now seems fine, my son practiced on Sat. and raced on Sun. So I'm not sure if the cable was sticking just enough to kinda flood the bike when starting or if there was a piece of dirt hidden some place, but at present all seems well, thanks again, Kevin
  2. rideagain2002

    starting when hot

    No, nothing done with the carb, it's kinda wierd since a couple of times after washing out and falling the bike would start but if he shut it off it wouldn't. He practiced and raced on Sat, then we have this pop up on Tue. I'll post with our findings, thanks again, Kevin
  3. rideagain2002

    starting when hot

    Thanks for the fast response, we will check out the plunger, thanks again, Kevin
  4. rideagain2002

    starting when hot

    My son has a 2004 crf250 it will start on the third kick when cold however when it's hot and he shuts it off it will not start, even with the hot start. The valves are in spec the fuel is good, he installed a new plug, I was thinking maybe something in the hotstart circut? Any thoughts ? Thanks in advance, Kevin