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  1. Bajarraco

    Fan won't stop.

    Hi everyone: Got a question regarding the fan. The moment I turn the ignition to start my 2005 DRZ 400s the fan comes on. The fan used to turn on only in the hard stuff in the desert of Baja, at really high temperatures. Now it's all the time. How can I troubleshoot what's wrong and is it OK for the fan to be on all the time. Thank you.
  2. Bajarraco

    Fan on all the time.

    Why the moment I turn the switch on my 2005 DRZ 400s the fan comes on? This is at any time; even if the motor is cold. How do I turn it off? Thanks all.
  3. Bajarraco

    Baja Pits Announces Pre-run Pit Stops For Baja 1000

    Is the gas, that Baja Pits Offers, for anybody or just for racers?
  4. Bajarraco

    Coco in Baja

    As of today, 3-31-08, Coco is in Guerrero Negro. He is still in a friend's house; unable to go to the hospital because there are no available beds left in this hospital. I read in ADV that someone is interested in doing shirts and stickers for Coco; I know the person who has the screens, to make it easier to make these stickers and screens. Can someone post this on ADV rider? The name of the person helping Coco is Pablo Ibarra. (PabloGIbarra54@hotmail.com)
  5. Bajarraco

    Easy Going In Baja.

    Hi all; First time posting on this very informative Thumpertalk. I'm a happy owner of a 2005 DRZ 400s (blue). I've been exploring Baja for several years in a truck. Now I want to go in a motorcycle, but at a very slow pace. Stop to take pictures, look at the flora and fauna, geological features, cave paintings, etc. No speed. I'm wondering if there is anyone wanting to do the same as I do. Thanks.