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  1. oregon dirtgirl

    What do you do?

    Nice to see I am not the only attorney here. I live in the world of insurance defense. These days I primarily handle construction defect cases, although I have some bodily injury cases thrown in the mix.
  2. oregon dirtgirl

    Pants sizing - Thor vs. Fly vs. Klim

    Thanks for the tip!
  3. oregon dirtgirl

    Pants sizing - Thor vs. Fly vs. Klim

    So the Moabs don't have velcro at the bottom? That's good to know. I certainly don't want to fight to get the pants over my boots. Do the Mojave's have lots of leg vents?
  4. oregon dirtgirl

    Pants sizing - Thor vs. Fly vs. Klim

    Hello ladies! I'm looking to purchase some OTB vented pants for summer. I love my Thor Ride pants, but they are on the warm side for summer riding. I am leaning towards the Fly FreeRide Zip off pants. Does anyone have some experience with them? How do they compare in size to the Thor Ride pants? I would have tried them on in the store, but they didn't have a large enough size for me. Is there another OTB vented pants that are recommended? I saw a posting about Klim Moab pants. How is their sizing compared to Thor? I would go with the same size as my Thor pants, but unfortunately the ones I want are a size smaller. I know I can get into a size smaller in my Thor pants, I just went larger for comfort. So, I am just trying to determine whether I can go smaller with the Fly or Klim pants. Thanks for your help!
  5. oregon dirtgirl


    Sorry....apparently I was a little defensive there.... I get pretty darn frustrated at those yahoo's out there that give quads a bad name. On Saturday, I saw someone without a helmet and they made the comment about how they didn't plan on falling.... Gosh, if I knew that you only fall when you plan on it, I could have saved myself some pain!
  6. oregon dirtgirl


    Pardon if this is a common question, but (a) how do I know if I got a concussion and ( what am I supposed to do for it? No, I did not lose consciousness, but the only thing I remember hitting is my head, followed by immediate intense neck pain (then the hip/low back pain). I was nauseus off and on all day yesterday with a splitting headache. As pathetic as it sounds, I couldn't handle using the on-screen tv guide because it hurt my head and was making me sick. Yes, I vomited once. Today, I have less of the splitting headache, but my neck is killing me. I briefly tried a heating pad on my neck and upper back, but when the pounding in my head intensified, I switched to ice directly on my neck. Other than taking anti-inflammatories, what can/should I do?
  7. oregon dirtgirl


    I feel like I should defend the quad here..... I ride a quad and love every minute of it. I started on a dirt bike, but never felt comfortable and it just wasn't fun for me. So, I went with a quad and have NEVER regretted that decision. I am able to ride most of the trails with my friends and I'm not upset if they want to take a quick trail without me. I disagree that quads are good in the sand only. I personally will not take my quad in the sand. I have a blast riding trails. I agree that you can get much more beat up on the quad, but that is all the more reason to stand while riding. Kudo's to you for considering the purchase of a bike. I say, get the bike and keep the quad.
  8. oregon dirtgirl

    Chest Protectors for *ahem* Busty Ladies?

    Here is another thread..... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=388631&highlight=large+chests
  9. oregon dirtgirl

    Riding Boots....

    I also have large calves and went with the Thor Quadrant boots. I have the 06 and love them to death. I also have a size 7 mens and normally wear an 8 1/2 in womens. I understand the Thor Quadrant boots for women have a lower toe box. I had some problems with the taller toe box on the mens Quadrants. The $139 is a great price too.
  10. oregon dirtgirl

    Birth Control (You KNEW It Was Coming)

    I have tried numerous BCP's. I have had various problems with them including no periods (nothing like a once a month, "oh my, am I pregnant?") to long periods, hormonal problems, to monthly issues (don't even get me started on this one). I finally found Lo-Estrin, which so far has been great. I, personally, have been warned against any shots, norplant or other long-term birth control as I have had so many problems with prior ones. I had a friend in school who LOVED norplant.
  11. oregon dirtgirl

    Workout Routines?

    I would love to hear what people do with families? I'm 35 with a 17 yr old "step-son" (we aren't married but have been together for 8 years in January). I find it really difficult to manage the "family dinner" with me getting workout time and, let's face it, my prime time TV. Fortunately the step-son has decided he wants less junk food around and more healthy food, and I am excited. I want to encourage the healthy eating habits without specifically increasing the budget. I have had a request to incorporate fish in our diet (his father isn't so fish friedly). Any ideas? I have a weekly menu of sorts and have thought about adding some fish. Truthfully, I am pretty good with everything but fish. Any ideas for family friendly meals? I keep thinking that the answer is to get everyone else eating/thinking like me, and I won't have to worry so much.
  12. oregon dirtgirl

    Upper Nestucca - Snowed in?

    FYI for anyone interested. We went up on Sunday. We were unable to get to Grassy Flats, not because of the snow but because the roads were very icy. We were within 5-6 miles of the staging area when we turned around.
  13. oregon dirtgirl

    Upper Nestucca - Snowed in?

    Has anyone been up to Grassy Flats, et al lately? How is the snow level up there?
  14. oregon dirtgirl

    quad gear

    I would highly recommend the Thor Quadrant ATV boots. I am an ATV rider who rides with bikes. I like the fact that the boots offer the protection of the "motorcycle" boots, but they also have the waffle traction of hiking boots. I love mine!
  15. oregon dirtgirl

    Riding areas close to the valley?

    Why not the Upper Nestucca area??? 3 official staging areas (1 additional "unofficial" staging area) and tons of riding.