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  1. miker5515

    06 SDG stepped seat

    Have looked and havn't been able to find an SDG seat for my 06 250F. Has anybody tried to buy one of their seats for an 05 and take the foam and cover off and put them on the 06 pan? I'm somewhat vertically challenged and thought about buying the stepped seat for the 05 450 and taking the foam and cover off and putting it on my pan. Any thoughts on this or maybe someone has already tried it. Thanks, Mike
  2. miker5515

    06 CRF250R Hesitation off idle

    it does it in neutral and on the bottom of a gear if you rap the gas rapidly
  3. have an 06 crf250r. off of idle it has a hesitation. went up one size on the pilot jet and richened the idle mixture but it's still there. honda mechanic says that all 4 strokes have a slight one off of idle. my best friends yz250f doesn't do it even if you try and make it. is it in the needle hight or maybe accellerator pump adjustment? i have also installend the boyseen power shot accellerator pump cover. any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Mike