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  1. yeah theyre excel rims with talon hubs
  2. gday just wondering whether a wheelset off a yz125/250 will fit onto my 07 kx250f? incase your wondering why, cheap deal thanks
  3. cool, thats the year i was born lol
  4. u's will never find it on limewire, but its a good thing im a legend http://rapidshare.com/files/2348521...ed_Gun.mp3.html
  5. if you want a tutorial on how to make graphics look realistic, have a look on here, one of them shows it: http://www.adbmag.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2766
  6. heres how i do it: 1) Open up the bike u want 2) Duplicate the background layer 3) Use the polygonal lasso to select around the plastics you want to be white (hold shift to do multiple selections) 4) press CTRL+SHIFT+U to desaturate it 5) press CTRL+U to open hue/saturation, and fiddle with the Lightness bar untill you have a good white colour 6) Duplicate the background layer again. 7) Polygonal lasso bits that have the wrong colour shine/shadow on them 8) Press CTRL+U to open hue/saturation, and reduce the 'saturation' bar untill the wrong colour shine/shadow is gone And thats all there is to it, i think i wrote everything......hmm
  7. here, i did this one before....... pretty simple..ohwell.......oh and btw, did i mention i am good at white plastics =D:
  8. oh its back there, dude, sorry about my 'vulgar attack', but that mass arugment was stupid
  9. yea wat happened to my post? [*EDITED*]: Here's you're post, excluding the vulgar attack. That's why it was deleted. -avlnch
  10. hi people, i want to learn to make some cool pics like u's have been.. but wat do i need...... like wat special filters and what-not?....... i have been using photoshop for about 6months now, so i know all the tools and stuff...... but i'd like to know more about how do i get that criss-cross sorta pattern etc......hope i made sense......... cheers, Dan
  11. 1 x torrent for the jeremy mcgrath invitational http://snarf-it.org/downloadTorrent/676696-2006+Jeremy+McGrath+Invitational+Supercross.avi.torrent Cheers, Dan
  12. nup i would not have a clue........... anyway, here is my go at that white yzf:
  13. Heres my fav. pic....... Dam Nick Wey's bike looks so awesome!!!
  14. Damn that guys lucky he DID crash, or else the tree wouldve ended up with a bike-and-rider moulded into it! lol