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    Dirtbikes of course! Duh!

    interchanging wheels

    yeah theyre excel rims with talon hubs

    interchanging wheels

    gday just wondering whether a wheelset off a yz125/250 will fit onto my 07 kx250f? incase your wondering why, cheap deal thanks
  3. cool, thats the year i was born lol

    song from nitro circus

    u's will never find it on limewire, but its a good thing im a legend http://rapidshare.com/files/2348521...ed_Gun.mp3.html
  5. if you want a tutorial on how to make graphics look realistic, have a look on here, one of them shows it: http://www.adbmag.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2766
  6. heres how i do it: 1) Open up the bike u want 2) Duplicate the background layer 3) Use the polygonal lasso to select around the plastics you want to be white (hold shift to do multiple selections) 4) press CTRL+SHIFT+U to desaturate it 5) press CTRL+U to open hue/saturation, and fiddle with the Lightness bar untill you have a good white colour 6) Duplicate the background layer again. 7) Polygonal lasso bits that have the wrong colour shine/shadow on them 8) Press CTRL+U to open hue/saturation, and reduce the 'saturation' bar untill the wrong colour shine/shadow is gone And thats all there is to it, i think i wrote everything......hmm
  7. here, i did this one before....... pretty simple..ohwell.......oh and btw, did i mention i am good at white plastics =D:
  8. oh its back there, dude, sorry about my 'vulgar attack', but that mass arugment was stupid
  9. yea wat happened to my post? [*EDITED*]: Here's you're post, excluding the vulgar attack. That's why it was deleted. -avlnch
  10. hi people, i want to learn to make some cool pics like u's have been.. but wat do i need...... like wat special filters and what-not?....... i have been using photoshop for about 6months now, so i know all the tools and stuff...... but i'd like to know more about how do i get that criss-cross sorta pattern etc......hope i made sense......... cheers, Dan

    Jeremy McGrath Invitational on TV!

    1 x torrent for the jeremy mcgrath invitational http://snarf-it.org/downloadTorrent/676696-2006+Jeremy+McGrath+Invitational+Supercross.avi.torrent Cheers, Dan
  12. nup i would not have a clue........... anyway, here is my go at that white yzf:

    What is ur favorite jumping picture?

    Heres my fav. pic....... Dam Nick Wey's bike looks so awesome!!!

    Kid crashing

    Damn that guys lucky he DID crash, or else the tree wouldve ended up with a bike-and-rider moulded into it! lol