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  1. Rickyh21

    Found this when changing the oil

    Common failure from that era of KTM history. Had the same part fail on an 2007 200 XC as a matter of fact. KTM updated later on to fix a few bad years. Was going to be my first guess as to what failed actually but I just noticed the thread!
  2. Rickyh21

    gasgas zoke problems

    I've been told by a very knowledgeable tuner that there are several grades of Zoke forks depending on how the oem specs them out. If you have the uncoated models they need constant oil changes. It seems the oem's only spec out the coated models as a works option through their hard parts catalogs.
  3. Rickyh21

    American Beta!

    I think the consignment or internal flooring maybe the route Beta needs to go. It is working great for others.
  4. Rickyh21

    American Beta!

    Beta definitely could improve some things in advertising, marketing, and dealer network. They are or seem to be working on that in most places. Many big dealers don't want to deal with exotics because they are not an easy sell. You generally need to get out and push exotics at races, banquets, and things to move them. The Jap stuff most dealers can get by with no advertisement and pay the bills. People know about the Jap stuff. I think floor planning if done right can help but only if you can find a program that is feasible (the reason they don't have flooring). I do believe you must have at least one bike for people to ride/see. I know I will have at least one on the showroom to see. Beta really doesn't want to sell thousands of bikes in the USA, that’s both Italy and American Beta. Beta Italy makes their target number of bikes as a whole and is profitable from what I can gather..... Cheers, Rick www.trackntrailcycle.com
  5. Rickyh21


    should be open chambers.
  6. Rickyh21

    Anyone got their SX 144 yet?

    Not till Mid-April maybe?????? Who knows thats the word now. Typical KTM you never know...LOL
  7. Rickyh21

    Anyone got their SX 144 yet?

    I have money on 1 and the dealer told me 2 weeks ago that they were in the good old US of A then (in customs) and they hoped to see it this week some time (Week of March 4). On monday still no word yet, but the rep didn't say it wasn't coming.
  8. Rickyh21

    where did that come from

    Don't let it idle that long it will over heat every time. 4t's run hot and mx bikes like that '06 250 sx-f run on the limit all the time. Brother has one and if you ride it around and stopped for a minute it would over heat. You could check the jetting over get the idle and fuel screw set right could help if their off. Generally with my brothers and my personal opionion if you dump it and it doesn't fire after one kick pull the hot start and give it a few kicks if it doesn't start then your out of luck. You can always try the rapid kick method where you kick the kicker quickly and smoothly up and down continuously trying to keep the engine rotating without stopping like an electric starter. Sometimes its just best to wait 10 to 15 to 30 seconds to try it to and it will light right up.
  9. Rickyh21

    I'm disgusted with KTM!

    I would have looked into other ways of getting the parts as well, had a '06 250 sxf break a timing chain and destroy most everything in the engine and had it back together in about a month. The dealer did the work and had to replace all kinds of things like cams, connecting rod, piston, valvles and the whole valve train, and more. The dealer even had to get a pin (don't know what its called) that is only sold with new engine cases, from KTM through some kind of special deal, that KTM took from a bike with a broken case that they had some where. However I don't know about what if any gears were change in the tranny. Still the bike is mostly rebuilt and it still took less than a month to get it to the dealer, rebuilt, and get it back home.
  10. Rickyh21

    300 xc and xcw top speeds?

    Little bro would regularly see 72-73 MPH on his ICO enduro computer in races on his '04 200 with a 13 instead of a 14 front sproket. Thats with the computer keeping good time, so you could say it was some what accurate.
  11. Rickyh21

    200XC Electric Start ?

    Ive seen this post for a few days now and have a funny story that I just remembered the other day. I needed a gasket for the inner clutch case on a 200 and Iam in the club that has the Greenbriar National Enduro it '05 so I go to the KTM support truck. They give me a gasket to fix the problem and it seemed correct. Funny thing is when I took the bike apart and lined up the gasket all of the bolt holes lined up except for the section between the kicker gear and the cylinder. In that place there was an extra bulge right where you would expect an electric starter, like I said the rest of the gasket fit perfectly and looked just like the correct one. I never figured out what the gasket was for, but it looks like an e-start 200 gasket, but that bike doesn't exist. Still have the gasket sitting in the shop, maybe there is something I don't know and u guys do.
  12. Rickyh21

    200sx or 125sx

    I personally think the 200 is awsome and a great weapon. They are nearly 250 2t fast and have 125 weight . Also what can be a plus with offroad racing and is rarely mentioned as a plus, for at least the eastern tight stuff, is 125 wheel base which can make it turn just a little tighter/quicker (I also thought the 250 gyro effect from the bigger motor made it much more work to ride in the woods). I have a 250 exc(2t) and my brother has a 200 we would ride head to head and it was hard to out run the 200. The 200 doesn't have the bottom, but every where else is like a baby 250, meaning not as much power through the range but not far from a 250. You do seem to give up 10 to 15 MPH top speed (75 vs 85 give or take) this was with a '01 250exc vs '04 200exc not a big deal in Jersey. I say go for a 200 (the 03 sx or the newer XC or XCWs) much better than a 125 no matter who makes it and don't worry the 200 is competative in the woods with 250s (you may not see the need to step up to a 250 2t if this is what you plan to do now or in the future).
  13. Rickyh21

    ktm 144sx

    The 144s better come I have a deposit on one, as far as I know they were built for the North American market so if they are a no go here were do they go. The dealer says February the last I talked to them. I ride/race offroad and my brother has a deposit on a 07 200xc if anyone is interested I could do a head to head write up between the two.
  14. Rickyh21

    well.....i might get a ktm

    Lets see got 4 of um already and 2 '07s coming in gota get rid of at least one. The SXF is in the best shape and worth the most. Two strokes seem to work better for my bro and I in tight eastern woods also(enduros and HS).
  15. Rickyh21

    well.....i might get a ktm

    Great bikes and I have one for sale.