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  1. 3rdGear

    XR650L: Front Brake

    Do you think this unit would work? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Universal-Master-Brake-Cylinder-Reservoir-Front-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem2561d77134QQitemZ160555299124QQptZMotorcyclesQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories#ht_500wt_948
  2. 3rdGear

    XR650L: Front Brake

    Does anyone make an after-market front brake master cylinder for the XR650L? My forks and front brake master cylinder came off a 95 CR250 and it's in bad shape. I would like to get closer to stock, something with a brake light switch would be nice. Thanks!
  3. 3rdGear

    XR650L: All Show, no go. HELP!

    How do I go about getting one repaired?
  4. 3rdGear

    XR650L: All Show, no go. HELP!

    Swapped out the CDI unit and she fired right up. Thanks.
  5. Took my 93 XR650L for a ride yesterday. She started fine and ran great. I stopped by a friends for about an hour. Started the bike up to leave and she idled good for a few minutes, then she stalled.... now she won't start. She turns over and occasionally and gives signs that she might start but still nothing. One time she back fired extremely loud. I am guessing CDI but not sure why it would run fine and then quit. Drained the battery trying to start her so will try again today. Any thing I should try or look for? Update: I forgot to mention that on an earlier ride yesterday, she stopped running for no reason. Hit the starter switch and she fired right up. On the way to my friends, she did the same thing.
  6. My 93 XRL came with a CR250R folks and headlight. The wiring behind the headlight is a freakin mess. Any advice you can offer to help tidy things up and protect it from the weather would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  7. 3rdGear

    650R to 650L...who made the switch?

    I switch from a 09 BMW F800 to 93 XRL. Have not taken the XR off road yet but so far I am impressed.
  8. 3rdGear

    XR650L: won't start

    Found a spare CDI unit (actually 2) in the box of stuff that came with the bike. Plugged one in and she fired up like a champ. Thanks for the help.
  9. 3rdGear

    XR650L: won't start

    I am new to the XRL so please forgive the newbie question. A week ago my new (to me) 93 was running like a champ, now she won't start. Starter turns over but that's it. I have confirmed that the fuel is on. Anything else I should check? Thanks!
  10. 3rdGear

    XR650L: White Plastic Side Covers

    I have a 93 with rainbow blue side panels. Yes, that's the actual name. Did not realize white was OEM in later years. Thanks, will order a set today. Eric
  11. Does anyone make XR650L after-market side covers? I have seen a few people with white side covers and like the look. Are these OEM? If so, what year? Arigatō, Eric
  12. 3rdGear

    Franken Peg is Dead!

    Franken Peg is dead!!! Peg is now in stock position. Had a few other imperfections fixed while I was at it.
  13. 3rdGear

    Franken Peg is Dead!

    Brake side will be easy to fix. Its simply bolts on. Its the other side I am concerned with. If possible, I would like to keep them lowered.
  14. 3rdGear

    Franken Peg is Dead!

    Hello All, Recently purchased a 93 XRL. Besides a few cosmetic flaws, I love the bike. First order of business was to replace the Franken Pegs. Ordered a set of cheap replacements from Ebay. Installed the new pegs only to find that whoever lowered the pegs did not take the time to square up the posts before welding them up. Both posts angle forward and the shift side tilts up at an odd angle. Any advise on how best to correct this issue would be much appreciated. Thanks!