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  1. Junior_Vet

    2009 250xc jetting

    I go by the jetting chart in the manual, but go 1 setting leaner. It sounds like you need to use a leaner needle. I'm using the N8RW-3 in winter and will use it at the 2nd clip position in spring.
  2. Junior_Vet

    Knight wins Redbull Lastman Standing!

    DIRTTV has a web site. http://www.dirttv.net We love those DVD's, cuz we're in 'em. And we get to see how the Pro riders ride the same terrain we ride....
  3. Junior_Vet

    Lethbridge Area

    Do you ride at Porky's?
  4. Junior_Vet

    Thanksgiving weekend ride suggestions around edmonton?

    Check out: http://rockymountaindirtriders.com They have an Upcoming Rides section in the forum. Mostly off road riding though.
  5. Junior_Vet

    Fiddy Track In Camrose Alberta

    Nice looking track. I'd love to come out, if I had a 50. I only have a 250.
  6. Junior_Vet

    Cool- Just noticed this

    250 XC-W here. woohoo
  7. Junior_Vet

    Here's a tip for your Rekluse

    It's part of the package. You'll get it. Try both and see what you like. I think it will depend on terrain.
  8. Junior_Vet

    Front Fork height adjustment

    I run mine forks 10mm up in the clamps with 98mm - 100mm sag. Everyone who rides the bike says it turns real nice. ________________________ '05 WR250F RMDRA Forum Web
  9. Junior_Vet

    Biggest flaw of 06 250f

    Try the strap across the seat. I'm short too but I just installed a strap a few weeks ago. It works waaaay better than the holes in the side of my WR. Way more leverage.
  10. Junior_Vet

    RC Rides Scorpa!

    Thanks for the ideas. I've tried the schrader valve so I'm just waiting until snow comes to take apart the rear tire. I still ride it at least once a week. _______________________ '05 WR250F RMDRA Forum Web
  11. Junior_Vet

    Beta ALP 4T vs. Scorpa 4T

    What about a Scorpa TY250 with Long Ride kit? '05 WR250F '05 Sherco 2.9 RMDRA Forum Web
  12. Junior_Vet

    RC Rides Scorpa!

    2Ply, Cross training is going well. I'm riding the Intermediate (medium skill level) lines up at the trials and only getting a few 5's. I'm happy with the Sherco 2.9. It has been very good to me. I haven't burned as much fuel as I would have hoped this summer. I'm just starting to be able to hop the back wheel over a few inches, so I'm proud of my progress there. I didn't really get hooked as I still like the Yamaha best. You'll laugh at this. You know how on a tube you shouldn't leave the nut tight against the rim in case the tire moves a little? Without thinking I loosened the nut on the rear of the Sherco. I tightened it right back up but my rear has been leaking slowly all summer. I've been putting it off because I can't decide whether to take it in to a shop or attempt it myself. I'm leaning towards self repair once the snow flies here. Any suggestions? ___________________ '05 WR250F '05 Sherco 2.9 RMDRA Forum Web
  13. Junior_Vet

    RC Rides Scorpa!

    Cool thanks Mike, That will give my trials riding some substance with my race buddies. '05 WR250F RMDRA Forum Web
  14. Junior_Vet

    05 vs 06 WR250

    So they are being a little more honest but not quite. My 2005 WR250F weighed 245 lbs. ready to ride without gas. I took all the heavy stuff off and put on my offroad protection (skid, handguards, FMF Q, etc.) and it weighed 247lbs without gas. Is there really 19lbs of fluids in the bike without gas? I wish they would just publish the correct specs ready to ride. _____________________ '05 WR250F RMDRA Forum Web
  15. Junior_Vet

    seal saver , fork wraps with velco?

    Those ShockSox look great. I have seen other velcro seal saver type units but the velcro just kept coming off because the design wasn't as good as the Shocksox. I think I'm going to order a set of those. ______________________________ '05 WR250F RMDRA Forum Web