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  1. Your husky’s not Italian anymore. Do they still have that clutch slave leak?
  2. Hey Fox, wazzup?! Back in the saddle! That bikes going to be a real ...........
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    Wicked fast
    Wicked fast
  4. Did you get it out?
  5. Most screw extractor kits have small sizes that do have a reverse drill bit on one end and the extractor on the other. You can cut it right in half, then use a long hex bit holder and a drill. The most important part is to get the drill started as close to the center of the broken bolt as possible. Good luck. Big
  6. You want a TE 610 / 630 or Terra 650 Big
  7. HR wrote: "HAHA... 2 POST! My friend... I have move seat time on Husqvarna's than the two of you clowns will your entire lives combined. You guys are just a bunch bitter clowns." You are the biggest a$$ on this site. Even if the "clowns" you speak of are 16 years old, I find it very hard to believe you have more seat time on a running dirt bike than them. ( I said running because you are so out of touch with reality, you probably think sitting on a bike is seat time.) Somebody needs to put you in your place.... like now! ( when I say 'your place", I mean face down in the mud on any track or trail that most of us are on actually riding while your spewing out fanboy crap on this forum.) My moneys on the other guy. Big
  8. Why helicoil? Lookes like you just need to get the threaded part out and use a new bolt, Tap the broken bolt lightly without damaging any threads, then use a scriber in a counterclockwise motion on the broken bolt. It may start to unscrew out. Don't ask me how I know this works. lol Big
  9. Looks like a sheep in wolves clothing. lol ! Big
  10. Thank you for not ruining the Cafe Husky forum! You have good input sometimes but...........most of the time you come across as a huge a$$. You never answered the question "do you actualy ride a bike (with an engine)?" Your on this forum so much that it would be hard to find time to ride. Big
  11. Looks like a seal is missing. You can use both those spacers, just put some washers on the short side between the spacer and the swingarm. (Try to get some perfect fitting washers.) Then make sure the sprocket lines up with the front sprocket and the caliper will work on the disc. Big
  12. Check your battery leads at both ends of both cables. (not just at the battery posts) Check all electrical conections for any sign of corrosion ect... Big
  13. If you adjust the red nob so the lever is closer to the bar, the engagement point will also be closer to the bar. Big