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  1. I just got a new 06 YZ450f which I have not even ridden yet. I had the subframe off to grease up the rear suspension and decided to go ahead and install an aftermarket fuel screw. I screwed the stock one in to see where I was at and it was 3 1/4 turns out. This seems like a lot. I went ahead and put the new screw in at the same 3 1/4 turns out. I am anticipating having to go up to a #45 pilot jet, but don't want to change anything until I at least ride it and break it in. The manual says that each fuel screw is set at the factory. Questions: 1) has anyone seen there fuel screw that far out from the factory? 2) what is the max number of turns out you should go before just installing a bigger pilot? Also, any recommendations on getting the subframe back on. It took me two hours to get the thing back on, the carb boot was the problem, I just could not get it to line up right. Thanks a lot for any advice.
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    new 06 YZ450

    I just picked up an 06 YZ450 (upgraded from my trusty 02 426) and was wondering if there are any words of wisdom about known issues. I have not been monitoring thumpertalk. I plan to break it in on Saturday at Washougal and if all goes well race there Sunday. About the only thing I have picked up in here so far is that they tend to be lean. I plan on having a #45 and a #48 pilot jet on hand, as well as other mains. I figure all you guys who have had them for a year now have everything ironed out. Thanks.