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  1. nawww thats just my x!
  2. two buffalo gals go round the outside!
  3. she's ripping that fuel screw oring was definitely part of the issue as well now she is set up and we are ready for cuddyback! were heading over the spring break it should be awesome if he can hang on to her now:p yepp i couldnt of done it with out you guys THANKS:ride:
  4. oh by the way my 450x is runnin fine do to the mods i learned about here back when i bought it .
  5. first i should begin telling everyone that this bike belongs to my buddy he broke his wrist right after he bought it his son took it over for a bit and let his partner work on it he's a young kid very good rider but not too much of a mechanic:blah: you get the pic my buddy got his sweetheart back and she hasnt been treated right so she has an attitude and a bit stubborn to run- hence the thread by me:confused: yeah and thats right she's his and i've been rubbin on her and whisperin in her ear she been spendin the night here with me out in tHE 450X DAWGHOUSE! YES MY WIFE'S BEEN GETTIN A LITTLE JEALOUS! antway i started on the mods i got her, and when i was doin the fuel screw i noticed the oring and washer and spring have been installed withe spring first and very strecthed out then the oring then the screw this resulting in the oring being bound ontop and along the sides of the spring they wont come out i am having to do another hesterectomy on her private parts to get the carb back on the bench! will post when complete this find.
  6. ok here's the run down, went out to DAWGHOUSE and woke up the 450x started massagin her ever so softly and whispered in her ear that i was about to start probe'n her so hold on baby! got a hold of her pilot jet and yanked it out again took a look and dam the hole was a looking real small, so i proceeded to dig around and located my jet kit and found a stock 42 to test it out. LOW AND BEHOLD! the ol clear silica sand corprate! i guess where i screwed up was thinking that the wire from my ss wire brush was long enough! she didnt seem to mind though, eh at least i thought. so the out is she,s purrin with a little cough from that smog i'm heading down now to get some goodies for her like some cough block off kit and a couple cans of rockstar for bottom end.lol. i need to send some major high end gas agentsmith's way along with all the others here that stayed with me even though i srewed it up the first twoo times. AgentSmith! thanks again guys i'll start on some mods now.
  7. just finished my coffee "A.SMITH" and heading out there to the BIG 60X40 450X DAWGHOUSE! i will get back with you in a few. thanks for the help guys i really mean that. im gonna start over and try to be real thourough about it and i will post a reply step by step the order of my actions so we can figure out where i screwed up. really love this site you guys are a great help and inspiration when a brother is gettin down.
  8. this saturday im gonna tear the carb apart again and blow it completely out for the second time! i'll get back to guys right after hopefully that does it!
  9. ok agentsmith i tried what you said and it still dies, could it be further up past the jet?
  10. hey guys any body have any ideas why my 06 450x fires right up with the choke on and then dies right away if i turn off the choke. fuel screw 1 1/4 turns out, hot start working properly and i have cleaned the carb completely tore down and the same thing again. please a little help bros!
  11. thanks guys with the combination of all your inputs i was able to dial it in!!!! bike pulls hard and rips straight through it was a combo of things first i figured out the fuel screw issue it was the o ring was pinched and not letting me seat it down all the way!! then still had some minor bogging , then put in a 48 pilot jet and she comes on strong now and almost no popping whatsoever on deccel bike is now what i expected it to be!!! once again thanks guys- dust devil, nminus1, slomotobug, joehonda and anyone else i might not have mentioned now it's all about-------- just twist baby!!!! it's on!!! thanks guys!!
  12. my bike idles fine and starts fine cant say what the fuel screw does though, obviously its not working!! guess i'll stick the stock one back in and try it!!!
  13. well i have a 165 main like the jd kit said to do!!
  14. i bought the kouba fuel screw with my jet kit and i cant tell if its making a difference tried it 1 and1/8 turns to two full turns!!
  15. smog removed and air cleaner screen removed air box cut open and baffle is out!!!