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  1. Hi, Does the oil level make any differnce? Is there any patten to when the seal comes out (engine colds, hot)? How many miles have you done with the bike? Has the probelm just stated or been on the bike since you go it? Regards Rob
  2. The vacum line just open the petcock when the engine is running, if you are fitting an IMS tank with a manual petcock you will not need the vacum line so just plug it. It must be plugged otherwise air will leak into the carb and change the mixture. Rob NZ
  3. Hi, I have 105,000km (65,000m) on the clock, have replace the rings and cam chain(did not need new chain but did it anyway) and base gasket thats it and still going well. Rob NZ
  4. Hi, I have a Dual Star centre stand on my DR650 for over 100,000 km. To use the stand you need alot of force to lift the bike onto the stand, I thnk it is to high compared to other after market stands I have used. The other thing is that if you use it off road the springs are not strong enough to hold the stand firm against the stop and it therefore bangs on the swinging arm (with the rubber stop) and over time it has dinted it. OK but could be alot better would be my words. Rob.
  5. Hi, I have used Shinko/Golden Boy for the last 15 years and never had any problems. The speed you go at on this bike and the value for money you would have a job betting them. Rob, 2004 DR650, 105,000.
  6. Hi, I have a DR650 with 105,000 on the clock and the 525 sprokets definaley last longer than the 520, of high milage is an issue for you its worth considering. Rob NZ
  7. Hi, I am interested in buying a Corbin seat for my Suzuki DR650, if you have one and interested in selling please let me know the condition, age and price? Thanks Rob West